How to Get Pokémon Cards Graded (How Much Does It Cost to Grade a Pokemon Card?)

You can get Pokemon graded at BGS, PSA, and CGC. These are some of the best grading companies. I recently went through my old Pokemon cards, trying to decide which ones to sell.

Although most were banged up from years of use, others were in excellent condition 😃.

I considered getting them graded, hoping they would fetch a higher price. I browsed the internet for options and eventually settled on BGS.

The process was smooth, and a few weeks later, I listed my cards on eBay. Here’s what I learned from the grading process.

How much does it cost to grade a Pokemon card?

How much does it cost to grade a Pokemon card?
Grade a Pokemon card. Image source: Pinterest

Grading Pokemon cards involves having a professional evaluate their authenticity and condition. The exact cost of grading a Pokemon card depends on its condition, value, and the service you opt for. On average, the process costs $18 to $50 💰.

Although there are several grading services, three stand out: PSA, BGS, and CGC.

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

This US-based company is the most respected and well-known of the bunch. Due to their reputation, PSA charges a premium for their services. Currently, PSA grades cards from $25.

Beckett’s Grading Services (BGS)

Beckett’s Grading Services is known for applying a 10-point scale on centering, edges, corners, and surfaces. Owing to this, you’ll have a hard time reaching the coveted BGS 10. As for pricing, BGS currently starts from $22 per card.

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC)

CGC is the smallest of the three. It relies on its simple design and speedy grading. Their services are the most affordable, starting at $15.

What is the cheapest place to get cards graded?

What is the cheapest place to get cards graded?
Cheapest place to get cards graded. Image source: Pinterest

The cheapest place to get your card graded is GMA Grading 😎. This company provides grading services for as low as $10 per card.

GMA also prides itself on fast turnaround times. However, the company isn’t ideal if you have vintage cards. The company doesn’t command the same market recognition as PSA, BGS, or CGC.

What’s the cheapest way to get your cards graded?

The cheapest way to get your card graded is to go for the lowest tier in a grading company’s list. For PSA and BGS, this could be the Economy Grading option. It’s worth noting, however, that this tier has the longest turnaround time.

Alternatively, choose smaller and more affordable companies like GMA that charge less and have faster turnaround times. Unfortunately, these companies may not be ideal for grading vintage cards.

Can you buy graded cards?

Can you buy graded cards?
Can you buy graded cards?


Yes, you can buy graded cards online or in select stores. However, expect to pay more for graded cards than for raw ones. As mentioned, grading can be expensive, and sellers add this cost to the selling price.

Is getting your Pokemon cards graded worth it?

Is getting your Pokemon cards graded worth it?
Pokemon cards. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Grading your Pokemon cards is worth it. Graded cards are better protected and hold their value well. This table 👇 highlights the price difference between ungraded and graded Pokemon cards. It’s worth noting that card prices vary with market demand.



Grade 7

Grade 8

Charizard (1st Edition)


$ 7,000

$ 8,776.95

Mewtwo (1st Edition)


$ 600

$ 869.44



$ 34

$ 74.73

Ash’s Pikachu


$ 13

$ 16.42

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