What is Shadow Pokémon’s weakness in Pokémon Go? (What’s strong against Shadow Pokémon?)

My fellow Pokemon Go enthusiasts will agree when I say that a little evil in the game spices things up. And what better way to accomplish this than having a Shadow Pokemon as an ally, thus helping you with your attacks?!

However, you want to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of this evil creature, as it can get very hostile. Don’t worry though, for I will show you how to combat shadow Pokemon in case you ever have to.

Let’s get into a little detail on that now, shall we? 😉

What moves are effective against shadow Pokémon?

What’s strong against Shadow Pokémon?
Effective against shadow Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

If you ever have to battle with a Shadow Pokemon, you ought to know its weaknesses and the moves necessary to get it down.

You should understand that any Pokemon can become a Shadow Pokemon after being corrupted by Team Go Rocket.

The table below shows a list of types of Shadow Pokemon and the moves that are effective against them. 😎

Shadow Pokemon


Ground type Pokemon

Grass, ice, and water

Flying Pokemon

Electric, ice, and rock

Psychic Pokemon

Bug, dark, and ghost

Ice Pokemon

Fighting, fire, and rock

Steel Pokemon

Fighting, fire, and ground

Fire Pokemon

Ground, rock, and water

Dragon Pokemon

Dragon, fairy, and ice

Rock Pokemon

Fighting, grass, ground, steel, and water

Water Pokemon

Electric and grass

Normal Pokemon


Ghost Pokemon

Dark and ghost

Electric Pokemon


Grass Pokemon

Bug, fire, flying, ice, and poison

Bug Pokemon

Fire, flying, and rock

Fairy Pokemon

Poison and steel

Poison Pokemon

Ground and Psychic

Fighting Pokemon

Psychic, fairy, and flying

Dark Pokemon

Fighting, fairy, and bug

What is shadow Pokemon resistant to? 🤔

Via Tenor

Shadow Pokemon have a high attack status and make valuable battle raiders due to their unique strength.

One of the factors that make them strong Pokemon is their resistance to material things and indirect damages with no exceptions for perish song and destiny bond.

How do you beat Shadow Pokemon? 🤼

Wondering how to counter Shadow Pokémon effectively?
Shadow Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

There are various ways to beat a shadow Pokemon, including purifying or battling it out. Purifying a shadow Pokemon will require using a stardust and candy combination.

It is essential to purify a shadow Pokemon, seeing that it will reduce the amount of power dust and candy necessary for it to learn new attacks, evolve, and or power up.

To battle with a Shadow Pokemon, you have to use moves specific to it, as listed earlier on the table.

The moves will weaken that particular Shadow Pokemon and, thus, cause defeat.

How much damage can a shadow Pokemon deal?

Seeking strategies to defeat Shadow Pokémon?
Shadow Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

A shadow Pokemon can give up to 20% more damage than a regular Pokemon. They attack fast, which makes the intensity of the charge much higher in comparison to others.

However, in frustration, which is a charged attack against shadow Pokemon, the evil creature takes more damage compared to other Pokemon.

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