What is Charizard’s Best Fast Attack? (What is Charizard’s Best Fast move?)


Over the years, I’ve grown fond of the Charmander Pokémon family and especially the final evolution form, Charizard. You could say I’ve learned and mastered everything there is to know about these magnificent beasts.

During the Charmander Community Day Classic in September this year, I was intrigued by the move sets used for Charizard.

I always thought we were all fire spin and blast burn kind of people (no kidding! 😭😢), but everyone has their idea of what the ultimate Charizard move set is. So, let’s dive into Charizard’s moves.

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What is the best attack for Shadow Charizard?

Which fast move is considered the most effective for Charizard?
Best attack for Shadow Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

🔥The best attack Shadow Charizard can master is fire spin and blast burn. This move set deals 18.89 damage per second and a total damage output of 412.79 before the Charizard faints.

Of course, blast burn requires Elite Charge Tm, but that’s a small price to pay for such a decent move.

Wing attack and blast burn is also a powerful move set, with 18.67 damage per second and 407.9 total damage output.

There are several fast attack moves you can try out as well. These include wing attack, ember, dragon breath, and air slash.

Air slash is quite popular among players, but in my opinion, it is outclassed by the other fast moves.

However, remember that ember, wing attack, and dragon breath require the Elite Tm.

Besides blast burn, other effective charged attack moves include flamethrower, dragon claw, and overheat. Flamethrower also requires Elite Tm charge.

Here is a table summary of the best move sets for Shadow Charizard!

Fast Move

Charged Move



Fire Spin

Blast burn



Wing Attack

Blast burn



Dragon Breath

Blast burn




Blast burn



What is the best Charged attack for Mega Charizard?

What is recognized as the optimal fast move for Charizard?
Charged attack for Mega Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

The best charged move for Mega Charizard X and Y is blast burn. Although it requires Elite Charge Tm, it’s the most effective charged move💪.

For Mega Charizard X, it deals a total damage output of 714.6 in sunny weather and 589.9 in extreme weather when paired with fire spin.

For Mega Charizard Y, that is 822.0 in sunny and 688.4 in extreme weather.

Other great charged attack moves to consider include: Overheat, flamethrower, dragon claw, and fire blast. When paired with the right fast attack move, these charged moves will make your Mega Charizard unstoppable.

Best Fast move to pair with Charizard Charged attack?

The best fast move for Charizard is fire spin. When paired with a great charged move like blast burn, it deals 18.89 damage per second and a total damage output of 412.79.

Fire spin is super effective in the grass, bug, steel, and ice types. It receives neutral damage from most other types and remains strong against fighting-type Pokémon.

If you’re willing to get the Elite Charge Tm, then Wing Attack is the move for you. It has the fastest energy generation of any move, allowing you to spam dragon claw more and reach blast burn faster.

It is 62.5% effective against ground, steel, and electric-type Pokémon. Most players argue that it’s a weak move, but beyond the energy generation, it can still cause damage to grass, bugs, and fighting types.

Dragon breath and ember are also good fast attack moves. Dragon breath has fast move pressure and can damage dragon types. It also does damage in neutral situations.

However, dragon breath is weak against steel and fairy types. On the other hand, ember has a slightly lower energy than fire spin but can still cause damage.

In my opinion, ember is very similar to fire spin, so it’s not worth the Elite Tm.

The last move on my list of go-to fast attack moves is air slash. It has a 160% effect on fighting, bug, and grass types. However, if you’re facing ground, steel, or electric-type Pokémon, this may not be the move for you.

What is the best charged move for Charizard in Pokémon Go?

What fast move is generally recommended as the best for Charizard?
Charizard in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

The best charged move for Charizard in Pokémon Go is blast burn. It deals 110 damage for 50 energy. In Gym and Raid Battle, it deals 33.33 damage per second.

For Trainer Battles, that is 2.20 damage per second. Although blast burn requires Elite Charge, it is highly effective against bug, steel, grass, and ice types.

It’s uneffective against ground, fire, water, and dragon types.

Other powerful charged moves are dragon claw and fire blast. Fireblast deals 140 damage for 100 energy in Gym and Raid battles and a cost of 80 energy in Battle League.

For dragon claw, that’s 50 damage at a loss of 33 energy in Gym and Raid and 35 energy in Battle League.

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