Is Wing Attack good for Charizard? (Can Charizard learn Wing Attack?)

If you’re like me, combining move sets and teaching Pokémon new moves is probably one of your most treasured parts of the Pokémon games (I’m sure of it! 😉).

Recently, I was in a heated debate with a friend on whether wing attack is better than fire spin for Charizard. I would vouch for a wing attack any day – here’s why.

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Can Charizard learn Wing Attack?

Does Wing Attack contribute positively to Charizard's battling capabilities?
Charizard Wing Attack. Image source: Pinterest

Charizards can learn wing attack as a fast move. Charizards can learn a variety of moves, both fast and charged.

You have five fast-move options: air slash, dragon breath, ember, fire spin, and wing attack.

In my opinion, wing attack and fire spin are the best fast moves for Charizard, though wing attack requires an Elite Fast Tm.

According to stats, the wing attack has the highest energy per second (EPS) of any move, giving an 8.0 in player-versus-player battles🔥. Here is more about wing attack.

Move Category


Move Type


Energy per Second

8 in PvP

11.25 in PvE

Damage per Second


How to get it

Via level up in Gen II to Gen VII

Egg move in Gen VIII

Elite Fast Tm


How to get Wing Attack for Charizard

How effective is Wing Attack as a move for Charizard?
Wing Attack for Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Wing attack is one of the fast moves Charizard can learn. However, it requires an Elite Fast Tm.

From Generation Two to Six, Charizard learns wing attack by level up, in level 36 . In generation seven Pokémon Sun and Moon, wing attack is available as a level-up move from level one.

In generation eight, wing attack is available for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl.

It is an egg move, so you have to breed one of the Charmander family with a Dragonite to get it.

Is Wing Attack good for Charizard in Fire Red?

Is Wing Attack a recommended move for Charizard?
Charizard in Fire Red. Image source: Pinterest

One word – Yes! Wing attack is a brilliant move for Charizard in Pokémon Fire Red. Some players would prefer teaching Charizard fire spin or dragon breath as a fast move, but I strongly advocate for wing attack💯.

💪Wing attack has the best energy generation of any fast move. It allows you to spam dragon claw more and reach blast burn fast.

In addition, the wing attack gets the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) because it’s a flying-type move. In addition, it can hurt the grass, bugs, and fighting types, though it’s weak to ground, steel, and electric.

Dragon breath is a cool option in the Elite Fast Tm category, too. It causes damage even in neutral situations. It’s also your best bet against dragon types.

Fire spin is super effective when facing grass, bug, ice, and steel types. It also remains neutral for most other types.

Is Wing Attack a Community Day move on Charizard?

Is it advisable to teach Charizard the move Wing Attack?
Wing Attack. Image source: Pinterest

No. Blast burn and dragon breath are the community day moves for Charizard. When you evolve your Charmander to Charizard within the community day timeframe, it gets two moves as per the gaming structure.

All fire starters have received blast burn during community day since May 2018. In addition, Charizard has been getting dragon breath since October 2020.

Wing attack is a legacy move in community day events.

Is Wing Attack a Fast Move for Charizard?

Charizard has several fast-move options: wing attack, fire spin, dragon breath, ember, and air splash. Wing attack has the best energy generation of any Charizard fast move, allowing you to charge faster and use dragon claw and blast burn more.

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