Is Charizard with Dragon Breath Good? (Is Dragon Breath Worth It on Charizard?)

After playing Pokémon for years, one of the most thrilling things about the game is that I get to evolve my Charizard. I love how mind-boggling this phase can get 💭.

I sit down for hours, trying to figure out the best moves to teach my Charizard. My latest project has been teaching my Charizard Dragon Breath, and I have gained more leverage over opponents 😊.

There is a buzz in our community about dragon breath, and people want to know if it is worth it. In this article, I summarize my experience on whether dragon breath is a good move for Charizard and much more.

Is Dragon Breath a Good Move on Charizard?

How valuable is Dragon Breath as a move for Charizard?
Dragon Breath. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, dragon breath is a good move on Charizard. It is a powerful move that, when properly used, can cause much damage to the opponent .

One of the best situations to employ this move is for gyms and raids. However, it is worth noting while it is a great move, it lacks both STAB and the power of Dragon Tail.

Besides, it is one of the best Fast Moves for Dragon. It is also highly ranked in PvP fast moves. Charizard boasts of multiple cool moves, including Blast Burn and Wing Attack.

This dragon-type fast move, dragon breath, would be a tasteful addition, especially to experienced Charizard. It gives 4DPT damage while managing a decent energy output of 3 EPT.

Should You Keep Dragon Breath on Charizard?

Is Dragon Breath a worthwhile move for Charizard?
Dragon Breath on Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you should definitely keep dragon breath on Charizard. It is a fast type move, capable of causing damage of up to 4DPT.

When the move is added to an already powerful Charizard, it becomes an added advantage. However, it is important to note that you should be intentional and have a purpose for every move you choose for your Charizard.

For instance, dragon breath will give you an advantage in PvP but may not be very useful in PvE.

Is It Worth Getting a Charizard With Dragon Breath?

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Yes, getting a Charizard with Dragon Breath is worthwhile. It is capable of causing considerable damage with satisfactory energy generation.

It is capable of providing up to 4DPT, which is worthwhile damage output. Besides, it is among the fastest and most powerful moves in Pokémon Go.

On the downside, when this move is combined with another essential move, dragon claw, it reduces the window of Pokémon that your Charizard could win against 😕.

However, based on your interests, you may choose to overlook this challenge.

Having a Charizard with dragon breath will give you the upper hand against certain dragon types like Giratina.

The table below shows a summary of how Dragon Breath compares to other Charizard elite moves.



Dragon Breath


Fire Spin

3DPT, 3.33EPT

Wing Attack

2.5DPT, 3.5EPT

Fire Spin

3DPT, 3.33EPT

Air Slash


Drawing data from the table, you can tell that dragon breath causes the most damage compared to all other moves 😀.

However, there is a little compromise to the energy it emits when compared against wing attack. Thus, having a Charizard capable of dragon breath is a worthwhile choice for when you need to unleash great damage.

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