Can you ride Pokémon in Let’s Go (what Pokémon can you ride in Pokémon Let’s Go)

As a huge fan of Pokémon, my exploration of the vibrant world of Pokémon Let’s Go brought me to a question frequently asked by fellow trainers: “Is riding Pokémon possible, and if yes, which ones?”

Just picture being amidst an exhilarating adventure, with the chance to ride certain Pokémon – it’s a potential game-changer!

In this article, I’ll explore the excitement of riding Pokémon in Let’s Go, offering a list of rideable companions.

Additionally, I’ll discuss how this feature injects a thrilling dimension into your Pokémon journey. Prepare to elevate your adventure and venture into new territories alongside your Pokémon!

What Pokémon can you ride in let’s go?

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In Pokémon Let’s Go, you get to ride certain Pokémon on land, in water, or in the sky. Check out these examples😌:

Land Rideable Pokémon:

  • Fastest: Rapidash, Arcanine, Persian, Tauros
  • Moderate Speed: Machamp, Rhyhorn, Starmie, Dodrio, Rhydon
  • Slowest: Haunter, Kangaskhan, Onix, Snorlax

Water Rideable Pokémon: Gyarados, Lapras

The Sky Rideable Pokémon: Some Pokémon hover but can’t pass over rocks and obstacles early in the game.

Keep in mind each Pokémon has a different speed. Faster ones like Arcanine move quicker than slower ones like Snorlax.

Unlike Pokémon Yellow, there are no bicycles in Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee, so ride your Pokémon to move faster on land.

What is the fastest Pokémon to ride in Pokémon Let’s Go?

ride Pokémon in Let’s Go
Fastest Pokémon to ride in Pokémon Let’s Go. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokémon Let’s Go, there’s a fantastic feature that takes the gameplay to the next level – riding certain Pokémon.

This not only makes the game more immersive but also helps players move around the vast world faster and smoother.

The speed of your ride depends on the Pokémon you choose. Here’s a quick breakdown to give you a better idea👏:


Riding Speed

Rapidash, Arcanine, Persian, Tauros


Machamp, Rhyhorn, Starmie, Dodrio, Rhydon


Haunter, Kangaskhan, Onix, Snorlax


Gyarados, Lapras


Charizard, Dragonite, Aerodactyl


So, from the table, the fastest Pokémon to ride are Rapidash, Arcanine, Persian, and Tauros, and they are all under-the-ground rideable Pokémon’s 🔥.

Can you ride Blastoise in Pokémon Let’s go?

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In the popular game Pokémon Let’s Go, a feature allows players to ride on select Pokémon to navigate through the game more efficiently.

However, it is noteworthy that Blastoise, a well-known and formidable Pokémon, is not among the 18 available options for riding🥴.

Despite its popularity and power, the game’s developers have omitted Blastoise from this particular feature.

Therefore, utilizing Blastoise as a mode of transportation within the game is not feasible.

Is there a way to ride Pokémon without having them in my active party?

Let’s Go-Can you ride Pokémon in Let’s Go?
Ride Pokémon without having them in my active party. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokémon games, the ability to ride a Pokémon without having it in your main party depends on which game you are playing.

If you are playing in the Alola region games (Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon), you can use the Ride Pager to call a Ride Pokémon without needing them in your active party.

However, if you are playing Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Let’s Go, Eevee, you can only have a Pokémon follow you or ride with you if it is in your main party.

Please note that Pixelmon, a Minecraft mod, does not allow you to ride Pokémon. Happy gaming! 😊

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