What Pokemon can learn quiver dance? (is quiver dance a good move for Pokemon?)

If you are a Pokemon lover like me, you will agree that quiver dance is the best move for Pokemon. The thrill and power that comes with it is amazing.

Before I used the move, I didn’t think there would be a better experience than leveling up and evolving.

Since I learned about quiver dance years ago, I cannot get enough of its powerful effect. You could be wondering what Pokemon can learn quiver dance.

Well, don’t worry. Being a Pokemon enthusiast for years, I will help you know what Pokemon can learn the quiver dance, whether it is a good move for Pokemon, and how you can teach Pokemon quiver dance.

Let’s get into it.


Is Quiver Dance a good move for Pokemon?

Via tenor.

Though distributed to so many Pokemon, quiver dance is a great move. The move is not restricted to any Pokemon learning it, although it is described as a mystic dance 💃 that many Pokemon can put off.

The quiver dance move is known to raise a special attack, defense, and speed of the user with one stage, making it useful in both defensive and offensive teams because it boosts different stats that are good for either type of team.

This makes the move a beautiful 🌺 effect for Pokemon.

What level do Pokemon start learning quiver dance?

Pokemon that can learn quiver dance

Pokemon learn the quiver dance at different levels depending on the type of Pokemon. Pokemon Lilligant, for example, learns quiver dance at level 28, but if it’s past that, then you have to use move reminder, which you have to unlock first if you have not.

Other Pokémon, Scarlet, and Violet, vary in the level at which they learn the quiver dance, as in the table below:


Level it learns quiver dance.


Level 1


Level 1


Level 52


Level 45


Level 54


Level 64


Level 52

How to Teach Pokemon Quiver Dance

quiver dance a good move
Teach Pokemon Quiver Dance. Image source: Pinterest

😥 Sadly, there is no TM for quiver dance to allow you to teach Pokemon quiver dance. 😊 The good news, however, is that for Mew, you can get the 48-speed IVs, which assures you that you are faster.

For EVs, you can max special defense and split the remaining between special attack and HP. Also, run the struggle bug to lower its special attack and bug buzz to lower its special defense, then calm mind set up.

How much does quiver dance boost?

is quiver dance a good move for Pokemon?
Quiver dance. Image source: Pinterest

Quiver Dance boosts three powerful stats at once; therefore, it simultaneously accumulates speed and power for sweeping potential and gains special defense power for snowballing power if you have a recovery option.

In Frosmoth, Quiver Dance boosts an extra +10 speed and a +30 overall bulk. This makes it lethal for mons with a 530 BST.

What are the maximum stats that Quiver Dance can raise?

Quiver dance can raise stats to a maximum of +6 stages each. It does this by raising the user’s special attack, special defense, and speed.

However, if Pokemon is powered by Bugunium Z, the quiver dance changes to Z-quiver dance and resets all the lowered stats applied to the user on top of the three effects.

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