How Does Catching Pokemon Work? (Is There A Trick To Catching Pokémon?)

Having played Pokémon for a while, I know that when my gaming device vibrates, there is a wild Pokémon nearby that I need to catch.

I can testify that once you catch a legendary, rare, or one of the strongest Pokémon like Mewtew or Charizard, it is the most exhilarating part of the Pokémon adventure.

The urge to experience catching as many rare and legendary Pokémon as I can throughout the game increased the thrill of my quest.

Continue reading to learn more about catching a Pokémon, including tips and tricks on how to do it.

Is there a trick to catching Pokémon?


To catch a Pokémon, you will need to increase your odds of catching one. A way to do so is to hit very good curve balls consistently and don’t let the Pokémon jump out of the way.

This makes sure that the chances of catching the Pokémon are high. To have an 😎 excellent throw when it comes to the circle radius, the smaller the circle radius aimed at the Pokémon, the higher the chances of catching it.

It would help if you have a platinum or gold badge to catch that type. This is a good way to catch a Pokémon, especially a legend, but practicing against other Pokémons will help you find a style that works.

What is the formula for catching Pokémon?

Trick To Catching Pokémon
Formula for catching Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Whether you are good at math or not 😵‍, this formula is a must-know for every Pokémon enthusiast; it is as follows:

Capture Rate=((1+(MaxHP×3-CurrentHP×2)×CatchRate×BallRate×Status#)÷(MaxHP×3))÷256

This is based on five variables that solely depend on the Poke Ball used to catch a Pokémon and the Pokémon itself.

To make the capture rate a decimal that can be multiplied by 100%, we add the one and divide it by 256; this also makes it a percentage of capture.




Maximum Hit points


The Hit Points of the Pokémon at that exact time.


The number that gauges how easy-to-catch a Pokémon is.


A multiplier that changes depending on the PokéBall used for capture.


A modifier that comes after a Pokémon has gotten a status condition.

How do you increase your chances of catching Pokémon?


There are a couple of ways that I have used to increase my chances of catching a Pokémon, like using a Pokéball that is of high quality, inflicting status conditions, or weakening the wild Pokémon’s HP.

My personal favourite 🥳 is throwing my ball, which depending on the Super throw, Excellent throw, or Pretty throw, the chances to capture a Pokémon increase by 1.3,1.7, and 1.0 consecutively.

What is the hardest Pokémon to catch?

Is There A Trick To Catching Pokémon?
Hardest Pokémon to catch. Image source: Pinterest

While other Pokémons are quite easy to catch, some tend to be a challenge. The following are some of the most difficult Pokémons to catch.

They include Tapu Bulu, Gholdengo, Regigigas, Enamorus, Galarian, mewtew, Manaphy, Deoxys and Arceus.

Once you catch any of these Pokémons, be prepared to be exhilarated 🤯 beyond your expectations.

What are the best moves to catch Pokémon with?

There are various ways to catch a Pokémon, but in order to be successful, you will need a strategy; the best strategies to catch a Pokémon include one: Spore, which puts the target to sleep.

Two, Soak, which changes the Pokémon type to water, making them affected by moves that would not otherwise affect them.

Three, False Swipe and Hold Back, this move is useful when your Pokémon is overpowered.

Finally, the Ice Type Moves, which are used to freeze the target Pokémon so that it does not move for easy capture 🎉.

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