What Does Natural Cure Do In Pokemon? (How does the natural cure work in Pokémon?)

I have played Pokémon for a while, and knowing that when I have a perfect Pokémon, I have to preserve its energy at all costs. I started to switch out my Pokémon, waiting for the best time to attack my opponent.

Then, when it’s time for my switched out Pokémon to come back to the game, I use Natural Cure to heal it of any Status ailments.

Continue reading to learn how Natural Cure works if this has been a dilemma for you.

How does the natural cure work in Pokémon?

natural cure work in Pokémon
Natural cure work in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Natural Cure heals any status conditions in a Pokémon when it is switched-out to be preserved for the moment it will be needed or when it is still competing in battle 🤯.

The following are some of the Pokémons and their ability:




Natural Cure & Illuminate


Natural Cure & Frisk


Natural Cure & Poison Point


Natural Cure & Poison Point


Natural Cure & Frisk

Does natural Cure heal Sleep?

How natural cure work in Pokémon
Natural Cure. Image source: Pinterest

As we said, Natural Cure will heal any status conditions in a Pokémon when it is switched out, including Burn, Paralyze, Freeze, Poison, and Sleep.

When you want to close up a battle with a win 😎 after defeating your opponent, you will need to switch out your Pokémon. This preserves its abilities.

The Natural Cure ability, will heal all the above-stated status conditions, which include Sleep once the Pokémon returns to battle.

Does a natural cure work when the battle ends?

Yes 💃, the Natural Cure ability will cure all and any of the status conditions that your Pokémon has after it is withdrawn from battle or upon the end of the battle.

If a Pokémon has Natural Cure but has not been affected by Gastro Acid, it will not heal any status conditions.

But, If a Pokémon has Natural Cure as its ability, when it is not suppressed or when it is switched out, then the natural Cure will heal the status condition when the battle ends.

Is Healer or Natural Cure better for Blissey?

what the Natural Cure will Do In Pokemon
Blissey. Image source: Pinterest

As much as Healer, after each turn, gives a 30% chance to cure the status effects of its allies, I think that Natural Cure is the 🥳 best ability for Blissey.

This is because it cures Chansey of status conditions when it is Switched out but does not give anything to its allies.

For ages, a lot of Pokémon fans have been arguing about what is preferred for Blissey, Natural Cure, or Healer.

One section states that because Healer mainly works in double and or triple battles, then it is the obvious choice.

The rest believe that Natural Cure is the best option because it makes sure that Blissey is not Burned, Paralyzed, Frozen, Poisoned, or Asleep.


What is the difference between a quick Cure and a natural Cure?

They are both the same, but there is a significant difference between them. Quick Cure only works on the volatile Status conditions that are inflicted by a move or ability from another Pokémon.

Also, the ones that expire over some time, including Trap, Confusion, Flinch, etc, can be cured by Quick Cure.

Natural Cure, on the other hand, cures non-volatile status conditions that a Pokémon has after it is withdrawn from battle or when the battle ends.

To have an edge in the battle, it is advised to use both of them, for they complement each other and work together to cover all issues that can affect your Pokémon.

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