Pokémon vs. Beyblade: Which series should you get?

I’ve watched Japanese anime from a young age and enjoyed following the different shows from Pokémon, Digimon, Beyblade, and so on. I remember Pokémon used to air just before Beyblade, and I made sure I never missed an episode of either😃.

Pokémon vs. Beyblade

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While I loved both shows, I never really stopped to think which one was better. I mean, I was a kid back then, who was easily interested in anything in a cartoon form😂. Recently, however, while reminiscing over our childhood and the cartoons we loved, two of my friends got into a debate over which of the two was more entertaining. Being caught in the middle of the debate forced me to really question the perks of both shows🤔.

As an experienced gamer now, and given the fact that I’ve followed both shows for over a decade now, I thought I’d put my knowledge to the test. In this article, I will give a detailed objective comparison of the two TV series based on my personal experience and understanding. Make sure you read till the end to understand my final verdict of which anime I thought was better and why☺️.

Pokémon vs. Beyblade – How They Compare.

But before we get into the details, below is a table that summarizes the comparison between the two shows:





  • Set in a world where Pokémon exist with Humans
  • Involves trainers capturing Pokémon and training them.
  • The main protagonist is Ash Ketchum.
  • The main themes are resilience, friendship, and bonding.
  • Pokémon can evolve.
  • Set in the real world
  • Involves a sport called Beyblades, where players compete using spinning tops.
  • The main protagonists are the Bladebreakers.
  • The main themes are competition and personal growth.
  • Beyblades don’t evolve.


  • Involves littles mythology
  • Has Bit Beast (Dragon, Tiger, Tortoise, and Phoenix)

Story and Characterization

  • Balanced male and female characters.
  • Repetitive storyline.
  • Better continuity in the story.
  • The visible growth in the characters.


  • Turned-based battles
  • Involves type advantages, special moves, and unique abilities.
  • Point-based battles
  • Mainly involves type advantages.

What are the differences between Pokémon and Beyblade?

Pokémon vs. Beyblade
Beyblade battles. Image source: Pokemon

Although Beyblade came a few years after Pokémon, it gained popularity quickly to match the recognition Pokémon had received. This isn’t surprising, since the two shows each had a unique appeal. However, as I recall, while they did include battling and tournaments, the two anime were completely different:

The following are the differences I believe are worth considering when deciding which of the two is better:


Let’s start with the biggest difference, the concept behind each show. As you may know, Pokémon is set in a sought of made-up world where humans coexist with creatures known as Pokémon. These Pokémon exist in different forms that represent elements of nature and living things like bugs, plants, and various animals.

The main concept was based on the video game🎮, where trainers captured Pokémon and trained them to be part of their team so they could be used for battle against other trainers. The main protagonist, Ash Ketchum, was the star of the show, which followed his journey to becoming the Pokémon master. The main themes were resilience, friendship, and adventure.

On the other hand, although I’m not clear on what world Beyblade was set on, it seems to be Earth. The concept behind the show was based on a sport called Beyblades. The sport involves players using spinning tops🌀 called Beyblades to compete against each other. In the series, the story followed a group of kids, mostly referred to as Bladebreakers, whose goals were to be the ultimate Beybladers by competing in tournaments.

Comparing the two, I thought Pokémon’s concept was more creative😊. There were numerous Pokémon to encounter and vast regions and cities to explore, whereas Beyblade was all about competing with spinning tops. Although, I can say Beyblade’s actuality is greater than Pokémon. As a kid, we used to have real Beyblade matches using Beyblade toys, which I felt made me relate better to the show.

There are even real-life Beyblade tournaments that take place around the world. Of course, Pokémon also has the Trading Card Game, but it’s not as real since you don’t get to actually throw out a Pokeball like Ash and have Bulbasaur pop out. But how cool would that be if it was possible?

Still, I would have to say, Pokémon wins🏅 this category. Its concept is much more creative, including a whole new world, and various adorable Pokémon species.


Pokémon vs. Beyblade
Pokémon: Indigo League. Image source: Nintendo

Another major difference I found between the two shows was the mythology each offered. Because Pokémon’s concept was mainly adventure-centered, it incorporated a lot of mythology in its lore. There was a lot of content about Legendary Pokémon, Ancient Pokémon, and Mythical Pokémon that added more wonder to the show, which was great especially while watching as a kid. A good example is the episode in Pokémon Indigo League, where Ash and the gang almost encounter a mysterious Pokémon (spoiler alert: it was a Dragonite🤫), while at Bill’s lighthouse.

On the other hand, being a sport-centered show, Beyblade didn’t really include a lot of mythology in the show. The only element of mythology it had was the Bit Beats which were based on the four Chinese symbols that were believed to represent the guardians of the world. These Bit beasts were an azure dragon, a black tortoise, a white tiger, and a red phoenix. Their spirits were said to reside in the Beyblades of the blade breakers giving them power.

Even so, in terms of lore, I’d have to say Pokémon takes the trophy🏆 yet again. It had a lot more mythology to offer which I felt made the show more captivating to watch.

Story and Characterizations

When it comes to the characters, I felt both shows focused on kid characters, which makes sense since they were the main target audience. Although, Pokémon did have a better balance in its characters. There was almost an equal number of female♀️ and male♂️ characters. Also, even though the main characters were young, there were more grown-up supporting characters compared to Beyblade.

But, in Beyblade, I could see the characters grow unlike in Pokémon. Ash was always the same, and even though they introduced new characters in some seasons, Pokémon eventually became a bit repetitive as I got older. It was always about capturing Pokémon, battling gym leaders, and fending off villains. At least in Beyblade, the Bladebreakers had new reasons to battle, and you could notice their growth as the show progressed😌.

Therefore, I would have to give the win to Beyblade in this category. It offered a better continuation in its story and characterization, which kept the show interesting.


Pokémon vs. Beyblade - Which series should you get?
Pokémon battles. Image source: Nintendo

Battles were pretty different between the two shows. Pokémon battles employed a turn-based system. This involved the Pokémon playing tag team until they successfully knocked out all the Pokémon from the opposing team. This was achieved by reducing their Hit Points (HP) to zero.

I thought the battles were exciting☺️. They involved the type advantages that some Pokémon had over others and strategically used their unique moves and abilities to defeat one another. Of course, a Pokémon was only as good as the trainer, but even though Ash wasn’t the best trainer, he managed to win most battles. But I guess that was for the purpose of continuity in the story.

In Beyblade however, the battles used a point-based system. This was introduced with the Beyblade metal series. Basically, each match consisted of multiple games and each time a player’s Beyblade was the last one standing they would earn a point. For this to happen, the player’s Beyblade had to have the longest spin, stop the other opposing Beyblades from spinning or knock them out of the stadium.

It is worth noting that Beyblades also involved type advantages. But unlike Pokémon, there are only four types of Beyblades; Attack, Defense, Balance, and Stamina. Each type had a unique advantage, for example, Defense types are stronger than Attack type Beyblades.

Even so, I felt that the Pokémon battles were a lot more entertaining to watch compared to Beyblade battles. While both required strategy, Beyblade’s strategy was mainly in throwing the Beyblades. After that, all that was left was watching the spinning tops knock against each other until one was left standing🙄. But Pokémon strategy was employed throughout the battle, with having to choose attack, defense, and counterattack moves.

So, overall, when it came to the battles, I found Pokémon were much more entertaining compared to Beyblades. Aside from the occasional times when the Bit Beats spirits would come out of the blades, all that was left was anticipating which blade would win.

Final Verdict: So, Which is better? – Pokémon or Beyblade?

All things considered, I would have to say Pokémon is the better TV show. It incorporates more lore and mythology to make the story more captivating and add a sense of wonder. Additionally, the battles were far more exciting to watch than Beyblade. However, over time the story became repetitive, which is where Beyblade took the crown.

Even so, if you are looking for an action-centered show then Beyblade would be the best option. Although Pokémon battles are more entertaining, the show was many about adventure so there weren’t as many epic battles. But if you enjoy wonderments and mythology then Pokémon would be a better choice, if you don’t mind the repetitive script.

FAQ Section

Which is more popular Pokémon or Beyblade?

Both shows are very successful TV shows that continue to receive more popularity. Therefore, it would mostly depend on who you ask. However, it is worth noting that Pokémon has a wider recognition on a global level compared to Beyblade.

Who came first Beyblade or Pokémon?

The Pokémon series aired first in Japan in 1997. Beyblade came later, airing in Japan for the first time in 2001.

Which one should you play first Pokémon or Beyblade?

In terms of video games, it doesn’t matter which one you play first, since they are completely different games. Playing one first won’t take away from the experience of playing the other.

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