Can you rename Pokémon in Violet? (How to rename Pokémon in Violet)

I have to admit, I liked the experience of seeking out Name Rater whenever I felt like changing the name of my Pokémon in previous generations, but it somehow stole from the adventure🫤.

When I found out Pokémon Violet had a feature that enabled users to change their Pokémon name whenever, I was beyond ecstatic. Since then, I took the responsibility to inform all my friends of the new feature, and let’s just say their Pokémon now have more worthy, up-to-date names with zero typos😂.

If you’ve had the urge to rename your Pokémon but didn’t know how, this article is for you.

How do you change Pokémon’s name in Pokémon Violet?


Having second thoughts about the name you gave to your Pokémon is normal. Plus, we mostly think of best-fitting titles at odd times, so it is convenient to have a quick method to change the name before it slips your mind😶.

Pokémon Violet has an option on the menu for changing Pokemon names.

To access the menu, press ‘X’. Now select the Pokémon whose name you want to change, either from your party or the ‘Boxes’. Press ‘A’ and click ‘Check Summary’ from the new menu.

On the new summary tab, press X, type in the new name, then click enter.



Access menu

Press the ‘X’ button to open the menu.

Select Pokémon

Select the Pokémon you want to rename. The Pokémon could be from your party or ‘Boxes’ option.

Select ‘Check Summary’

Press A to bring up a sub-menu and select ‘Check Summary’.

Change the name and confirm

Click x to change your Pokémon name, followed by enter.

How do you rename a foreign Pokémon in Violet?

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How do you rename a foreign Pokémon in Violet? Image source: Pinterest

Renaming a foreign Pokémon in Violet follows the same process as regular Pokémon, as long as you are the original trainer.

So, if you play the German version and obtain a Japanese Pokémon, you can change the name in Violet by accessing the menu.

However, if you trade a foreign Pokémon, you can’t change the name. It is challenging to have a Pokémon and not be able to read its name, so before you trade a foreign Pokémon, ensure it does not have a nickname.

Can I rename a traded Pokémon in Violet?

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Can I rename a traded Pokémon in Violet? Image source: Pinterest

Pokémon fans can go a little overboard when nicknaming their Pokémon. As such, you might not like the name the original owner gave to the Pokémon you just traded.

Sadly😔, you can’t change it except in Sword and Shield. Even then, you can only do so once. So, if the original owner had already given the Pokémon a nickname, it doesn’t matter how much you don’t like it; you can’t change it.

However, if the Pokémon you traded does not have a nickname yet, you can give it one of your liking.

Renaming Pokémon might seem trivial, but it helps users relate to their Pokémon, making the game all the more fun.

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