Can You Trade Pokémon Without Nintendo Online? (Can You Trade Pokémon Offline?)

I have always been a big fan of Pokémon trading, which led me to become an expert on it 😅. From my many Pokémon trade exploits, I have come to learn some amazing things about this feature like how there is an option to choose to trade Pokémon offline.

I’m sure you’re really curious to know how to trade Pokémon offline. Well, you’re in luck because I am about to drop important information on the offline Pokémon trade.

Now, let’s get started!

Do You Need Nintendo Online to Trade Pokémon?

Trade Pokémon Without Nintendo Online
Nintendo Switch Online. Image source: Pinterest

If you intend to trade Pokémon with another player on the internet, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online. The first step to begin trading is to register for a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

You will then have to become a First Star Member to finally begin trading. After two hours of playing the game 🎮, you will be allowed access to the trading post in Jubilife village, where you can interact with other players whom you can trade Pokémon with.

Trading Pokémon Without Nintendo Online


This shows that all interactions you may need to do on the internet will require that you use Nintendo Switch Online.

To use the online mode on your Nintendo Switch Online, press the ‘X’ button on your game console to bring up the main menu.

From here, select the ‘Poke Portal’ from which you are to press the ‘L’ button on your Switch to connect to the internet.

Can You Trade Pokémon Offline?

Trading Pokémon offline is also achievable😀. This can be done if the players choose to trade locally. To do this, it is a requirement to be in the same room as the person with whom you are trading.


The Nintendo Switch Online has a feature that allows players to choose to play and trade Pokémon online or offline.

Even though the offline option requires close proximity with the other player, it is still a great option you can use to trade Pokémon.😁

How to Trade Pokémon Offline

Can You Trade Pokémon Offline?
How to Trade Pokémon Offline. Image source: Pinterest

There is not much that is needed when trading Pokémon offline. The process you can use to begin trading offline is illustrated in the following table:



Step 1

Press the ‘X’ button during the game so as to access the menu.

Step 2

Then select the ‘Poke Portal’ which can only be available if the player has reached the first Pokémon Center in Los Platos.


Click on the ‘L’ button to choose the ‘Local’ option, which will enable you to play offline.

Step 4

To be able to play with a friend who is in the same room as you, select the ‘Link Trade’.

Step 5

Both of the players are then required to select the option ‘Set Link Code,’ which will be an 8-digit code they will both be required to enter.

Step 6

Click ‘OK’ once both players have entered the code.

Step 7

Check on the top right corner of the screen to select and set the ‘Offline Mode.’

Step 8

Click on the ‘Begin Searching’ button so as to connect the other player to the game.

Step 9

Once the other player who entered the 8-digit code has been located, the trade menu will open.

Step 10

Select the Pokémon you intend to trade, then choose the option ‘Trade it.’

Step 11

The Pokémon belonging to the second player will also be displayed on the screen. Both players must consecutively click on the button ‘Trade it’ for the trade to be complete.

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