What Is the Electric Bird in Pokemon Violet? (How to Catch the Electric Bird in Pokemon Violet)

I didn’t think much of Wattrel when I first saw it. Nonetheless, I caught it and was impressed during its first battle. This little Storm Petrel Pokemon joined my top three used Pokemon. Soon enough, it evolved into Kilowattrel and became my go-to.

I even used it when hunting Zapdos, and it didn’t disappoint 😊. Here’s how to catch one…

How do you catch Kilowattrel in Pokemon Violet?

how to catch the electric bird in Pokémon Violet
Catch Kilowattrel in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Kilowattrel is a large bird Pokemon that evolves from Wattrel at level 25. It’s a fan-favorite among trainers, with many preferring them for battling Legendaries like Zapdos and Thundurus.

This bird is ferocious in the right conditions and sports some impressive Special Attack and Speed stats 🤓.

Here’s a table summarizing what you need to know about Kilowattrel 👇:


Electric / Flying


Frigatebird Pokemon


Wind Power and Volt Absorb

Competitive (Hidden Ability)


Ocean, Beach







Special Attack


Special Defense




Kilowattrel prefers flying over the ocean and resting on the beach. Knowing this is the first step to catching it. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have several options for where to find this Frigatebird Pokemon. Here’s one:

  1. Go to the Porto Marinada Lighthouse.
  2. Find the pier by jumping down the cliff on your left.
  3. You’ll see Kilowattrel flying around over the water.
  4. Throw a Pokeball to initiate a battle.
  5. Weaken its HP and capture it. Alternatively, use an Ultra Ball.

To make the process easier, ensure your Miraidon has the Surf ability so you can follow Kilowattrel on the water.

Where to find Wattrel in Pokemon Violet


As mentioned, Wattrel and Kilowattrel are common around beaches 🏖️. You’ll find Wattrel hopping on the beach or flying over the water. Here are some areas to start your search:

  1. West Paldean Sea
  2. South Province (Areas One, Four, Five, and Six)
  3. South Paldean Sea
  4. Porto Marinada
  5. East Province (Areas Two and Three)
  6. East Paldean Sea
  7. Asado Desert.

Remember to check the coastlines of the West and East Paladean Sea and the area near water in the Asado Desert. Once you find them, initiate a battle, weaken their HP, and capture them. Alternatively, bust out your Ultra Ball.

What are all the Electric / Flying types in Pokemon Violet?


Looking to catch the electric bird in Pokémon Violet?
Zapdos. Image source: Pinterest

Zapdos is a legendary Electric / Flying Pokemon found after completing the Indigo Disk Storyline. Once you’re done, speak to the NPC called Snacksworth, who appears at the entrance of the Blueberry Academy.

Sncacksworth will reward you with Legendary Treats, whose amount depends on how many BBQs you’ve finished. You’ll need 110 BBQs to get Zapdos’ Legendary Treat. Snacksworth will also tell you how to find Zapdos.

You’ll find Zapdos at the top of the Poco Path Lighthouse. Like other Pokemon, battle Zapdos to weaken its HP and capture it using a Pokeball. Alternatively, use a Master Ball and save yourself the trouble of battling this Legendary.


catching the electric bird in Pokémon Violet
Thundurus. Image source: Pinterest

Thundurus is also a Legendary Electric / Flying Pokemon. It doesn’t evolve but has two forms – Incarnate and Therian Forms. Thundurus is part of the “Forces of Nature” along with Landorus, Enamorus, and Tornadus.

If you want Zapdos in Pokemon Violet, transfer it from an older game using Pokemon HOME. This process will get you the Incarnate Form, which you can change into Therian using the Reveal Glass available at the Porto Marinada Auctions.

It’s worth noting, however, that this item appears after you’ve caught Tornadus, Landorus, Enamorus, and Thundurus.

Are Electric / Flying type Pokemon rare in Pokemon Violet?

Yes. Wattrel and Kilowattrel rarely spawn; if they do, it’s near the sea. Additionally, Zapdos and Thundurus are Legendaries, making them harder to catch.

Based on these Pokemon, we can conclude that Electric / Flying types are rare in Pokemon Violet.

On the plus side, their rarity and impressive stats make them worth the effort. So, stock up on Pokeballs and happy hunting.

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