Can You Catch Alpha Pokémon? (How to Catch Alpha Pokémon)

Even after playing Pokémon extensively, it humbles me to know there is so much to learn about how to catch a Pokémon. Catching the Alpha Pokémon has been my most daunting feat yet.

Over time, I have learned the essence of strategic thinking when catching the elusive Alpha Pokémon to earn rewards and help you level up. Join me to learn how to catch the Alpha Pokémon.

Shall we? 😈

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Is there a Point to Catching Alpha Pokémon?

How can Alpha Pokémon be captured in the game?
Catching Alpha Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, it is beneficial to catch Alpha Pokémon as you stand to gain significantly 👌. The first benefit is that there are some Pokémon species who are required to complete Research Tasks that they cannot complete without catching the Alpha Pokémon.

Secondly, even in the absence of research tasks, upon catching an Alpha Pokémon, you can receive increased rewards for finishing a survey.

Also, every time you catch or battle an Alpha Pokémon, this boosts your stats as you will level up👍.

Lastly, adding the Alpha to your team boosts its effort levels.

How to Catch Alpha Pokémon

What is the method for capturing Alpha Pokémon?
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There are two ways to catch an Alpha Pokémon: battle the Pokémon or bait it. To battle the Alpha Pokémon, you can leverage your team to fight it. However, be careful who you sacrifice first to fight the Alpha, as it is guaranteed the Alpha will destroy them.

Also, leverage Poké balls during the fight, such as weighted balls💪. Battling the Alpha is hard since it could decimate your entire team😨.

Alternatively, you can bait the Alpha Pokémon using its favorite treats to distract them and execute a back strike.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of Alpha Pokémon categorized based on whether they respawn after their capture or defeat: these are tabulated below:

Kind of Alpha Pokémon:


Fixed Alpha Pokémon

They respawn in the same area consistently even after the player captured or defeated it in battle.

Random Alpha Pokémon

They appear at random.

How Hard is it to Catch Alpha Pokémon?

While it is possible to catch an Alpha Pokémon, it is difficult to do so successfully 😫. That is because they are almost always at much higher levels, meaning they are stronger and have mastered moves that most other species lack in.

Additionally, they have larger physiques than regular Pokémon and are always hostile 😡 with a scary red glow in their eyes.

If you are of a lower level than the Alpha, attacking them triggers their aggression toward you. They will keep fighting back without retreating unless under special circumstances.

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Can I Catch Alpha Pokémon with Poké balls?

Yes, you can catch Alpha Pokémon with Poké balls. However, the essence of the Poké balls is to use them strategically to catch the Alpha Pokémon.

To guarantee a successful capture, use the weakest Pokémon in your team to battle the Alpha Pokémon on the first attempt.

Eventually, the Alpha gets weaker as their HP levels decline. Next, leverage a status effect and throw your most potent Poké ball.

Consequently, you will defeat the Alpha Pokémon and win the battle 😎.

Can You Catch Alpha Pokémon without Battling?

Can you provide instructions on how to catch Alpha Pokémon?
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Yes, you can catch an Alpha Pokémon without battling by baiting it 😏. First, ensure you know the Alpha Pokémon’s favorite food: berries, honey, or cakes.

Next, when you are close enough to the Alpha, crouch in the tall grass. While hidden, throw the preferred treat to the Alpha Pokémon. When the Alpha sees the treat, they will turn around and run toward it.

Expectedly, their back should be facing you: that is when you will aim a Poké ball toward the Alpha’s back and throw it (back strike). Consequently, you will successfully catch the Alpha Pokémon.

Can You Catch Alpha Pokémon when You are Below Their Level?

How to Catch Alpha Pokémon
Catch Alpha Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you can catch Alpha Pokémon when you are below their level 😁. The fact that your first encounter with an Alpha Pokémon is always when you are at lower levels proves this.

However, due to their strength, aggression, and mastery of superior moves, they have lower catch rates. That said, you must leverage stealth and strategy to catch the Alpha successfully.

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