Where to Find Dragonite in Pokémon Go (How to Catch Dragonite in Pokémon Go)

Dragonite is my second favorite Pokémon after Charizard 😊. I remember how formidable it was in other games.

Although, in retrospect, I believe it was overpowered. Anyway, getting Dragonite in Pokémon Go has been challenging.

I’ve tried everything short of location spoofers until a friend recommended the Jump Start research quests. Curious, I tried it out and snagged a Dragonite. Here’s how you can get one in Pokémon Go.

Which country has Dragonite in Pokémon GO?

Which country has Dragonite in Pokémon GO?
Dragonite in Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

Dragonite isn’t limited to one country on Pokémon Go 🧐. This Dragon / Flying-type Pokémon lives near the sea. It evolves from a Dragonair and Dratini into a bipedal Pokémon with light orange skin, a round snout, and green eyes.

Dragonite has a pair of thin antennae on its head and a small horn between them. Its underbelly is striated and extends from its neck to the tapered tail.

This Pokémon has thick arms and legs that end in three claws and a pair of wings, which it uses to circumnavigate the globe in 16 hours.

We’ve mentioned that Dragonite’s natural habitat is near the sea, and you’d expect to find them near water bodies in Pokémon Go. However, this isn’t the case.

In the game, you’ll catch Dragonite in high-elevation areas. In contrast, Dragonair and Dratini are more common near water bodies.

What is the easiest way to get a Dragonite in Pokémon Go?

The best way to get a Dragonite is to participate in the Jump Start Research Quest 🤓. This six-step quest introduces you to the Pokémon world, with each step designed to show you new features. The reward for this quest is a Dratini, which you’ll evolve into Dragonite.

Here’s what to expect 👇:





Make one friend.

Use Weather Boost to catch three Pokémon.

Hatch a Pokémon Egg

Dratini Encounter.

15,000 Stardust.

Two Lucky Eggs.


Walk with your Buddy Pokémon to earn Candy.

Take a snapshot of your Dratini.

Evolve your Dratini into Dragonair.

A Premium raid pass.

Two Lucky Eggs.

15,000 Stardust.


Power Up your Pokémon 10 times.

Face a trainer in the Great League.

Participate in a Raid.

Two Lucky Eggs.

15,000 XP.

Two-star Piece.


Catch five Pokémon Species.

Participate in Research Breakthrough or Raid and catch a Legendary Pokémon.

Hatch three Pokemon Eggs.

Two Lucky Eggs.

15,000 Stardust.

Shiny Eevee.


Take a snapshot of your Eevee.

Gift five Friends.

Trade three Pokemon.


30,000 XP.

Two Lucky Eggs.


Make a friend.

Win at least a level three raid.

Evolve Dragonair into Dragonite.

Two Lucky Eggs.

100,000 XP.

15,000 Stardust.

Other ways to capture Dragonite involve hatching Dratini Eggs bought from PokeStops, capturing Dratini in the wild, and using Lure modules to attract Pokemon, including Dratini. Once you’ve captured a Dratini, evolve it into a Dragonair and later Dragonite.

Is Dragonite still rare in Pokemon Go?

Is Dragonite still rare in Pokemon Go?
Dragonite in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Dragonite is still rare in Pokemon Go. As mentioned, you’ll often get one as a Dratini, which you’ll evolve at level 55. Alternatively, you can spend a lot of candies to evolve Dragonite.

This lengthy process deters some players, contributing to Dragonite’s rarity.

Dragonite is still rare in Pokemon Go


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