What is the sixth gym leader in Pokémon Violet? (How do you get to the Montenevera gym?)

The sixth gym leader in Pokémon Violet is Rhyme.

As a Pokémon trainer 👨‍🏫, I have often heard many enthusiasts express their frustrations against the sixth gym leader in Pokémon Violet.

As they express their frustrations, I have noted that a sizeable number of players have no idea who the famous sixth gym leader is.

Therefore, I have found myself, on several occasions, trying to explain who this leader is and even how to get to the sixth gym.

So, today, I will tell you everything about this gym leader and why you may have heard several trainers talk about her.

How do you get to the Montenevera gym?

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How do I get to the Montenevera gym?

How do I get to the Montenevera gym?
How do I get to the Montenevera gym. Image source: Pinterest

To get🚶‍♀️ to the Montenevara gym, hike Northeast from Medali through the snowy mountain path, following signs to the peak and crossing the bridge just before reaching the town.

So, to get to the Montenevara, you must first conquer all the levels and get to Medali town. From here, prepare for a hike because you should take the snowy trail leading up the mountain.

This path has several signs that will point you in the right direction to the peak. The most significant landmark in this trail is a bridge.

Close the bridge and continue to the town through the bridge. Locate the Montenevara gym in the town.

How do you beat Montenevera Gym?

You can beat the Montenevera Gym by choosing the right team, which should be composed of Ghost-type👻 Pokémon because Montenevera Gym is weak to them.

Most trainers say that to beat Montenevera Gym, your team should be composed of a Ghost-type Pokémon. This is because Montenevera gym is a Ghost-type Pokémon, and such are weak to each other.

They also suggest that you should include your most fierce Dark types, such as Mabosstiff, Bisharp, and Lokix.

They say that Steel-type moves are invaluable; hence, you should include Orthworm or Tinkaton to help with Mimikyu.

Finally, you should consider having either Gabite, Donphan, or Clodsire, which provide much-needed Ground-type moves against Montenevera Gym’s Toxtricity.

The table below shows the Montenevera Gym team and the team that can beat her.

Montenevera Gym team

Your Team









What is the weakness of the Ghost Gym in Violet?

What is the weakness of the Ghost Gym in Violet?
Weakness of the Ghost Gym in Violet. Image source: Pinterest

The most notable weakness of the Ghost gym😱 in Violet is the weakness of Dark-type moves. This weakness makes it vulnerable to strong Dark-type Pokémon such as Bisharp and Mabosstiff.

Additionally, it has weaknesses against ghost-type Pokémon. Such is because Ghost-types are weak to other Ghost-types.

Finally, most trainers consider the double battle mechanics as a weakness. This means that every time you knock out one member of the Ghost Gym’s team, you get a stat boost. Such makes your team stronger and makes the Ghost Gym relatively weaker.

What level is recommended for the Ghost Gym in Pokémon Violet?

Most Pokémon enthusiasts recommend level 42. This is because, at level 42, you will strongly align against the Ghost Gym’s team.

The Ghost Gym’s team has Banette, which is level 41, Mimikyu at level 41, Houndstone at level 41, and Toxtricity at level 42.

Since most of the Ghost Gym’s teams range between levels 41 to 42, you have higher chances of successfully fighting against them at level 42.

However, if you are experienced, you can still win against this team even with lower levels, such as 38 to 40.

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