Is there a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon? (is Bug Steel a good typing?)

As a Pokemon expert gamer and trainer, dealing with dual-type creatures has been my favorite ❤️ so far. The one that stuck out the most to me was the Bug and Steel-type Pokemon.

One thing I discovered that’s certain about Bug Steel-type Pokemon is that they are excellent in combat. But just like other Pokemon, it can still be defeated.

Stick around as we uncover how many Bug Steel-type Pokemon there are, what makes them good, their weaknesses, what beats them, and the best 🏆Bug Steel Pokemon you can find.

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How many Bug Steel-type Pokémon are there?

There are approximately 25 Bug Steel-type Pokemon.

The following table shows a list of Bug Steel-type Pokemon that are available.

Bug Steel-type Pokemon




Durant (Goh)

Truant, Hustle, and Swarm

Iron Ant Pokemon



Escavalier (Bianca)

Overcoat, Shell Armor, and Swarm

Cavalry Pokemon



Forretress (Steven)

Forretress (Bugsy)

Forretress (Brock)

Overcoat, Sturdy

Bagworm Pokemon




Scizor (Gary)

Scizor (Bugsy)

Scizor (Nurse Joy)

Scizor (Goh)

Scizor (Pokemon Summer Academy)

Scizor (N)

Scizor (Guzma)

Light Metal, Swarm, Technician



Pincer Pokemon, Scissors Pokemon (formerly)



Red Genesect

Genesect (Burn Drive)

Genesect (Chill Drive)

Genesect (Douse Drive)

Genesect (Scientist Dudley)

Genesect (Shock Drive)




Paleozoic Pokemon



What makes a steel-bug a good type of Pokemon?

Bug and Steel-type Pokémon
Steel-bug a good type of Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

A steel bug is a good type of Pokemon due to its broad variety of resistances. This makes it powerful and makes the Pokemon resistant to Ice- 🥶, Psychic-, Normal-, Steel-, Fairy- 🧚, Bug-, Grass-, and Dragon-type attacks.

Another reason is that for Forretress and Scizor, bugs combined with the steel type, which was brand new, made it have only one weakness.

For Escavalier, it resonates with the concept of being a knight. For Wormadam, becoming a steel type was part of its plan of changing types based on location.

The steel-bug type is also immune to poisoning and is not damaged during a sandstorm.

The steel-type Pokemon also has the following additional effects:

  • During a sandstorm, the Sand Force ability boosts the power of steel-type moves by 30%.
  • The power of a steel-type move is increased by 30% when the steel gem is held.
  • When held by Dialga, Adamant Orb increases steel-type attacks by 20%.
  • The ability, Magnet Pull, ensures the steel-type Pokemon do not switch out.
  • The Babiri Berry neutralizes a very effective steel-type move when it’s held.
  • Steel-type moves’ power is increased by 50% by steelworkers.
  • When the metal coat and iron plate are held, the power of steel-type moves is increased by 20%.
  • The ability of Corrosion allows the Pokemon to go past that immunity.

What is a Bug Steel-type weakness?

Steel-type Pokémon
Bug Steel-type weakness. Image source: Pinterest

Just like any other Pokemon in the game series, Bug Steel has its weakness, which you can exploit and that can also be countered.

The only weakness that a Bug Steel-type Pokemon has is fire 🔥. Therefore, if you are trying to defeat a Bug Steel-type Pokemon, bring a team that has Pokemon that belong to a Fire-type category.

What beats Bug Steel Pokemon?

As well as possessing weaknesses, they are also resistant to certain other moves and types. For instance, they also sustain damage from Fairy, Bug, Ice, Normal, Steel, and Dragon.

For grass-type moves, they sustain only a quarter damage.

Which is the best Bug Steel Pokemon?

is Bug Steel a good typing?
Bug Steel Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Scizor is the best Bug Steel Pokemon overall due to its sheer power. Despite its slim body, it has tremendous power that is useful in battle.

Scizor has pincers, which are very strong and can crush any hard object. When Scizor spots an enemy, it uses its pincers to crush the opponent.

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