What Is the Strongest Team in Pokemon Violet? (What Is the Best Team Possible in Pokemon Violet?)

I remember getting my hands on Pokemon Violet and freaking out over how I’ll assemble my team 😵. I spent hours on community forums learning everything I could about the available Pokemon before finally settling on a Starter and a team.

Here’s what my research yielded…

What is the best team possible in Pokemon Violet?

Like many games in the series, you start your Pokemon Violet journey with a Starter Pokemon, which forms the foundation of your team.

The best possible Pokemon Violet team should be compatible with your Starter.

Here’s a table summarizing the Starter Pokemon in this game 👇:

















Special Attack




Special Defense









Best Team Possible in Pokemon Violet
Sprigatito. Image source: Pokemon

Sprigatito is a Grass-type Pokemon with impressive speed stats. It’s weak to Bug, Flying, Fire, Ice, and Poison-type Pokemon.

However, it’s resistant to Electric, Water, Grass, and fire types. Sprigatito has two evolutions: the first is Floragato at level 16, and the second is Meowscarada at level 36.

Here’s what a Sprigatito team looks like:

  1. Charcadet
  2. Magikarp
  3. Wattrel
  4. Rookidee
  5. Paladean Wooper


Strongest Team in Pokemon Violet
Fuecoco. Image source: Pokemon

Fuecoco is a Fire-type Pokemon 🔥. It’s weak against Water types but resistant against Fairy types. Fuecoco evolves into Crocalor at level 16 and Skeledirge at level 36.

Here’s the best team for Fuecoco:

  1. Magikarp
  2. Shinx
  3. Gible
  4. Pawniard
  5. Paladean Wooper.


the ultimate team in Pokémon Violet
Quaxly. Image source: Pokemon

Quaxly is a Water-type Pokemon that evolves into Quaxwell at level 16 and Quaquaval at level 36. It’s weak to Electric and Grass-type Pokemon but resistant to Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water-type Pokemon.

Here’s the best team for Quaxly:

  1. Paladean Wooper
  2. Smoliv
  3. Wattrel
  4. Charcadet
  5. Pawniard

What are the best teams without any Legendaries in Violet?


Legendary Pokemon are a valuable addition to any team. These monsters boast impressive base stats and unique abilities.

However, they are rare, and you’ll often get them late in the game. Therefore, building a well-rounded team that doesn’t rely on Legendaries is essential 🤓.

Here’s an example:


best team composition in Pokémon Violet
Salazzle. Image source: Pokemon

This is a Poison / Fire-type Pokemon that evolves from a Salandit. It has impressive Special Attack and Speed stats. Equip it with Rage Fist, Bulldoze, Drain Punch, and Stealth Rock.


Pokemon Violet-building an unbeatable lineup
Bisharp. Image source: Pokemon

This Pokemon is a Dark / Steel type that evolves into Kingambit. It has impressive Defense and Attack Stats that you can capitalize on.

Additionally, equip it with Earthquake, Sleep Talk, Iron Head, and Outrage.


Pokémon Violet-ultimate team
Volcarona. Image source: Pokemon

This Pokemon is a Bug /Fire type that evolves from Larvesta. Its Special Attack, Speed, and Special Defense stats are impressive.

Consider equipping it with Tera Blast, Fiery Dance, Morning Sun, and Quiver Dance.


the most powerful team in Pokémon Violet
Dragapult. Image source: Pokemon

This Dragon / Ghost Pokemon has impressive Attack, Special Attack, and Speed Stats. It’s also a Pseudo-legendary Pokemon whose Draco Meteor, Fire Spin, Roost, and Encore make it formidable in battle.


Wondering about the ideal team in Pokémon Violet?
Chandelure. Image source: Pokemon

This Ghost / Fire Pokemon has impressive Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense stats. Teach it Recover, Hex, Focus Blast, and Thunder Wave.


assembling the best team in Pokémon Violet
Gengar. Image source: Pokemon

This Ghost / Poison Pokemon has impressive Special Attack and Speed stats. Have it hold Black Glasses and teach it Iron Head, Sword Dance, Sucker Punch, and Kowtow Cleave.

What are the main 3 Pokémon in Pokémon Violet?

What Is the Best Team Possible in Pokemon Violet?
Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pokemon

The three main Pokemon in Violet are Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco. These also double as the Starter Pokemon available at the beginning of the game.

As mentioned, these Starters influence which Pokemon you’ll add to your team.

Sprigatito is the attention-seeking Grass-Cat Pokemon with the ability Overgrow and Hidden Ability Protean.

Quaxly, on the other hand is a Duckling Pokemon with the ability Torrent and Hidden Ability Moxie. Finally, Fuecoco is a Fire Croc Pokemon with the ability Blaze and Hidden Ability Unaware.

What is the most used Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet?

There isn’t a clear answer for this because players favor different Pokemon. However, the most popular Pokemon in the Scarlet and Violet series are Tinkaton, Fuecoco, Clodsire, and Meowscarada.

Tinkaton is a Fairy / Steel Pokemon with the Mold Breaker and Own Tempo Abilities. It also has the Hidden Ability Pickpoket. It’s an evolution of Tinkatuff.

Tinkaton’s popularity stems from its Special Defense stat and charm.

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