How to uninstall Pokémon Go (how do you delete Pokémon Go account?)

I had quit playing Pokémon for some time because my phone had issues, and I had to uninstall the game. Last night, I reinstalled it again after I fixed my phone, and I still had all my original Pokémon, and progress is still there.

The only progress I lost was the daily catch and spin streaks. I have heard people say they won’t uninstall because they don’t want to lose progress.

If you are wondering how to uninstall the Pokémon Go app, I will help you answer this question since I have been a Pokémon enthusiast for years.

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Can you delete your Pokémon Go account and start over?

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You can delete your Pokémon Go account to prevent data breaches from cybercriminals. You must fill out and submit the delete request form, which is available on the official support website. It will take a few weeks to get processed.

The company will then approve and permanently delete your data. To start over, you will need a new ID. Also note that once you delete your account, you won’t be able to use the same nickname or email.

How do you delete your Pokémon Go account?

👋You can start the deletion process from the Pokémon GO app by signing in and going to the Pokémon GO app Settings.

You cannot reverse the action once you confirm the deletion. You can also contact the Pokémon Go Help Center from the official website and follow these steps.

Step 1

Visit the Pokémon Go support website using this link

Step 2

Type in your username and email.

Step 3

From the Pokémon Go Issue Category dropdown menu, select Delete My Account.

Step 4

Indicate the reason for closing the account or type the problem. You can also attach files if you have.

Step 5

Select the preferred language and type in the captcha. Tap on submit to delete the account.

Do you start over if you uninstall and reinstall the Pokémon Go app?

uninstalling Pokémon Go
Uninstall and reinstall the Pokémon Go app. Image source: Pinterest

😃You will not start over if you uninstall and reinstall the Pokémon Go App. The reason is that the game process is stored online and is not lost when you perform these steps.

When you reinstall the app, you can log in using your credentials and continue from where you left.

To download the app again, your account must be connected to your email.

How long does it take to permanently delete a Pokémon Go account?

😎As mentioned earlier, all verified deletion requests take several weeks to process and cannot be reversed once approved.

It is important to note that if your account is linked to Niantic Wayfarer, the deletion request will include data from the game account submitted to the Wayfarer program.

If you have other Niantic game contributions linked to Wayfarer, they will be unaffected and, you will access the Wayfarer portal through the account associated with this game.

Why should you delete your Pokémon Go account?

deleting Pokémon Go account?
Delete your Pokémon Go account. Image source: Pinterest

deleting Pokémon Go accountYou should delete your Pokémon Go account because the company or third-party developers that create fake Pokémon Go apps can take advantage of your data.

When you agree to accept their policies while signing up, the company will access your location on the GPS and your camera.

It will also collect and store personal information such as name, email ID, date of birth, Pokémon Trainer Club ID, and Facebook email ID.

For those creating an account for an underage kid, you will need to give the first and last digits of your social security number.

Developers also use cookies to track your in-game behavior and the messages you send to your friends. Other information they collect includes browser type, OS version, and IP.

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