Can you have multiple Pokémon Go accounts? (is it illegal to have multiple Pokémon Go accounts?)

I’ve been thinking about getting another Pokémon Go account to increase my chances of getting a shiny. However, I read online that it could be illegal 🤫.

I was shocked since my older brother has been using multiple accounts for years, and it’s been working out pretty well for him.

I did some research to learn how Niantic truly feels about us having multiple accounts.

Continue reading to find out if there are legal penalties for having more than one Pokémon Go account.

Is it illegal to have multiple Pokémon Go accounts?

multiple Pokémon Go accounts
Multiple Pokémon Go accounts. Image source: Pinterest

Niantic considers it a TOS violation to operate multiple accounts. By that logic, I guess you can say that having several accounts is illegal.

You can check out the Pokémon Go terms and conditions to learn more about this. Although Niantic doesn’t seem to pursue litigations on such matters, TOS violations could have legal implications in some cases.

If you’re considering getting another Pokémon Go account, ensure you weigh the pros and cons.

Can you log in to the same Pokémon Go accounts on one device?

Yes, you can log in to the same Pokémon Go account on one device. However, if you have two different accounts, you must be smart 💡 about it. You see, when you want to spawn a Pokémon, the game uses a GPS tracker to make the right choice.

For that reason, you cannot use two accounts on one device at the same time. Since Niantic considers it cheating, it could affect your accounts negatively or lead to a ban, especially if another player rats you out.

Note that Niantic also suspends accounts for violating the terms of service.

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How does Niantic detect multiple accounts?

is it illegal to have multiple Pokémon Go accounts?
How does Niantic detect multiple accounts? Image source: Pinterest

Niantic does not has not yet installed measures to detect multiple accounts 🤷‍♂️. They can only find out if other players choose to report it.

This is highly unlikely because many players are open to having multiple accounts.

Pokémon Go is a cutting-edge game where players can use their resources to win, which includes using two or more accounts.

With that said, Niantic discourages players from having multiple accounts since it is a form of cheating. Multiple accounts give you a competitive over players with a single Pokémon Go account.

That is not fair gameplay, which is the whole point of participating in the first place.

What happens if you have multiple accounts?

having multiple Pokémon Go accounts
What happens if you have multiple accounts? Image source: Pinterest

History shows that nothing happens when you have multiple accounts. While Niantic frowns upon it, it has not implemented punitive measures to punish players with numerous accounts.

Many gamers openly bring two phones to raids because it is generally accepted in the gaming community. Some people even have up to 3 or 4 accounts without consequences 🤭.

The only time players get banned is when they use other programs to hack the clients’ back end. You can also get banned for spoofing your location or hacking the client.

Other than that, players with numerous characters seem to go unchecked on Pokémon Go.

This is a summary of the pros and cons of having multiple accounts



It’s great for completing raids and making strategic trades.

It is unfair to players without multiple accounts

If you want, you can play alone with two accounts

It beats the collective purpose of Pokémon, which is to play against friends and family.

It gives you a competitive edge

It puts your accounts at risk of suspension

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