How Does Purifying Pokemon Work? (How To Purify Shadow Pokemon In Pokemon Go)

As a Pokémon enthusiasts and especially being a very big fan of Pokémon GO, I know we’ve all ask ourselves if purifying a shadow Pokémon is worth it or not.

My friend has been stuck in his gaming room for weeks trying to purify his shadow Pokémon, collecting some Stardust and candies so that he can be able to purify his legendary Pokémon until he asked me about purifying a legendary, but 7000 stardust and 12 candies could not do the job.

Continue reading to learn how to purify Pokémon.

How to purify shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Purify Shadow Pokemon
Purify shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

In my Pokémon GO journey, it is easy to purify a shadow Pokémon depending on its 💪 strength; on the Pokémon information screen, click the Purify button, which is pink and situated above the power-up button.

With these, you can purify a weak shadow Pokémon like a Shadow Weedle and use about 1000 Stardust and one candy.

You can also purify a strong legendary Pokémon like a Shadow Mewtwo with about 20000 Stardust and 20 candies.

After I purified my shadow Pokémon, I realized that you can purify a shadow Pokémon and make the shadow learn a new attack, evolve, or power up.

Also, the shadow Pokémon will get a Charged Attack that is only found in purified Pokémon, so forget frustrations and learn Return.

What does purifying do to a Pokémon?

Purify Shadow Pokemon In Pokemon Go
What does purifying do to a Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

Since shadows are extremely 🤑 expensive, for they cost a whole lot of resources in order to power up and second charge moves, and they start at level 8 or level 13 during weather boost, purifying a Pokémon immediately makes it a level 25; this uses less of your resources to power up and further power them up and to get second charge moves, saving you a lot of resources making their way cheaper compared to Shadow Pokémon’s.

Can purifying a Pokémon change its stats?

Yes, by purifying a Pokémon, you automatically change its stats. As their IVs increase by 2, their Stat, Attack, HP, and Defence increase by +2.

I realized that with this, you increase the level of the cap to 25 levels, making it a high-level Pokémon, meaning that the amount of Stardust and Candy that is required to learn the second charged attack, evolve, and power up will significantly reduce.


How does purifying Pokémon change IV?

In my quest to find out more about purifying a Pokémon, I found out that, by purifying a Pokémon, you 📈 increase all its IVs by +2 points that are added to them in every stat; they all cap at 15 that will be shown as 15/15/15 and you are guaranteed to get a 100% purified shadow changing your Pokémon for the better 👍.

Is it better to keep Shadow Pokémon or purify?

Purifying Pokemon Work
Shadow Pokémon. Image source: Pokemon

I’ve had this dilemma for quite a while. I’ve been wondering whether to keep my shadow Pokémon unpurified or opt to purify it, and throughout my quest, I discovered that an unpurified shadow Pokémon would deal with damage way faster than a purified or a normal Pokémon while also working as an angry Pokémon.

With the knowledge that you cannot trade shadow Pokémon in the game yet, I realized that it is better to keep your Shadow Pokémon unpurified, for it makes faster attacks and hits harder because of the attached power that is boosted by 20% or by 1.2 times. Here are some Pokémons and their stardust and candy needs:

Shadow Pokémon

Number of Stardust needed

Number of Candy needed

























When should you purify a shadow Pokémon?

How To Purify Shadow Pokemon In Pokemon Go
Purify a shadow Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

There are various stages in Pokémon GO when you are advised to purify your shadow Pokémon, they include when you want to accomplish a goal, to attain any other third party oddity in the game or you want to complete a research.

But, it is advised not to ⛔ purify your Pokémon because the shadow Pokémon will take 20% more damage and also will do 20% more damage in Pokémon Go.

So, with this information, I realized that it is easier and cheaper to keep your shadow Pokémon in its shadow form.

On the flip side, if your Pokémon has a MAG and cannot mega evolve, and you need it to be competitive or to go back to being competitive, it is only by purifying your Pokémon that you can make that happen.

Also, I have been going back and forth with a fellow Pokémon player about it’s worth purifying. Since she’s empathetic, she says that you can opt to purify your shadow Pokémon if and when the lore says they are in pain 🥲 and you feel their pain, you can make them feel better and purify them and make them happy and make it easier for them.


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