Can Ducklett be shiny in Pokemon Go? (what are the odds of getting a shiny Ducklett?)

When engaging in PVP battles, I like using Ducklett since it has some of the best moves, including Bird and Water Gun.

Since I have always liked the appearance of Ducklett, I used to wonder whether this Pokémon could be shiny in Pokémon Go for me to brag to my friends.

😒However, I was disappointed to find out that Shinny Ducklett is not available in Pokémon Go.

I created this post to share more regarding this Pokémon, including the odds of getting it, how to get it in Pokémon Go, and much more!

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What are the chances of getting a shiny ducklett?

likelihood of encountering a shiny Ducklett in Pokémon
Getting a shiny ducklett. Image source: Pinterest

🤏There is a very low chance of getting a shiny ducklett. According to some gamers, the chances of getting a shinny ducklett are 1/8192.

Note that you cannot get a shiny Ducklett in Pokémon Go since it is still not available. It was initially found in the Unova region.

Most Pokémon from the Unova Pokedex do not have shinnies. Ducklett is one of them.

Is Ducklett a rare Pokemon?

Yes. Ducklett is generally a rare Pokémon, but it depends on the specific card. Here are some of the Ducklett Pokemon cards and how rare they are.


Card Rarity

Ducklett Flap

SV095/Shiny Holo Rare

Ducklett Roost


Ducklett Water Gun

BW17/Holo Rare

Ducklett Rain Splash

42/ Common

In Pokémon Go, the base catch rate for this Pokémon is 24.03%. Ducklett lives in acidic ponds or large puddles.

If a ducklett is attacked in water, it splashes the water wildly to distract the opponent and escape. It also stores water in its sacs and sprays it on opponents, using its specialized features to obscure their vision and waddle away.

How to catch a Ducklett in Pokemon Go

odds of obtaining a shiny Ducklett in Pokémon
Ducklett in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

🌧️For you to catch a ducklett in Pokémon Go, you have to explore the AR world close to the water or during windy or rainy weather conditions.

You can only depend on RNG to catch a Ducklett in the wild. Note that since November 2022, there are no eggs to hatch ducklett.

If you complete the Field Research quest and manage to earn five hearts with your buddy, you are rewarded with a ducklett encounter.

Since catching a ducklett in this game is not easy, you have to be persistent and patient since this may take weeks or even months.

Can you trade a ducklett in Pokemon Go?

chances of getting a shiny Ducklett in Pokémon
Trade a ducklett in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. It is possible to trade ducklett in Pokémon Go. Trading with friends gives you an opportunity to get all the Pokémon available in this game.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑You need to be friends with the person you are trading this Pokémon with since this can affect the cost. Trading a ducklett costs stardust.

Once you trade a ducklett, you cannot trade it back. If you wish to trade a ducklett, start looking for trainers that may be interested in this on online platforms such as eBay.

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