What Is the Highest Level a Pokemon Can Reach? (What Is the Max Level Pokémon Can Be?)

When I started playing Pokemon more than ten years ago, I looked forward to developing each character to the highest possible level.

I did not know how the levels worked or the highest level I would get from each character. Ever since, I have developed each character from different levels to the highest level.

Recently, my friends asked me the highest level a character can get, and I was surprised at how many people are unaware of this.

So let us find out the highest level a Pokemon can reach 😊.

What Is the Max Level Pokémon Can Be?


How do Pokemon levels work? 💪

Can you tell me the highest level a Pokémon can attain?
Pokemon levels. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon characters increase in levels with each new level reached by increasing a character’s experience points (XP).

Normally, the levels range from 1 to 50, and each level identifies the damage a character can have in an attacking move.

Characters start at the lowest level which is usually level one and scale up to the highest level. To gain experience points, trainers must actively train and use the characters in battle.

Experience points are also earned by visiting PokéStops, catching other Pokemon, and completing other gaming tasks.

Each level means the character gains new stats, learns a recent move, or evolves into a different character. For instance, a Charmander evolves into a Charmeleon before getting to Charizard 🐲.

What’s the max Pokemon level per trainer level?

What Is the Max Level Pokémon Can Be?
Max Pokemon level per trainer level. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon trainer levels are grouped into two levels, each with its own level requirements. The first level is 1-40, and the second is 41-50.

The first level requires developing their characters from level one to level 40 by gaining a cumulative 20,000,000 experience points. The second level requires 30,000,000 points in total.

This process is long and takes a long time to achieve. Here is a list of your experience points to reach selected levels.



Experience Points Required

Total Experience Points



















What is the highest level a Pokemon can reach in Generation 1 Pokemon?

What is the maximum level that Pokémon can reach?
Generation 1 Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

In Generation 1 Pokemon, the highest level a Pokemon can reach is 100. This advanced level can be reached through the Pokémon merge glitch.

Nevertheless, pokemon levels can be raised above the 100 mark by feeding them on rare candies which increase their power and the highest level it can reach is 225 🆙.

If they are fed more candy past this level, you can get a ‘number overflow,’ and the Pokemon levels up to level zero, from where it can only rise to level 100.

How to know what level your Pokemon is at 📈

You can check your Pokemon’s progress by determining the level your Pokemon is at. The best way is to go to Pokeassistant or Pokemon IV calculator and do an IV check.

This gives you the individual values of each Pokemon character. In addition, you can also check the power-up 💪 cost, which is indicated by the amount of stardust needed by each character.

Levels 1 and 2 require 200 stardust, 400 for levels 3 and 4, and 2,500 for levels 20 and more.

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