Why is my Pokémon dozing off?

Your Pokémon dozing off is part of the Pokémon’s affection. It’s a way of showing its friendship with the trainer is high. So, when a text pops up informing you that your Pokémon is dozing off during a battle, it’s no cause for alarm.

I was playing Brilliant Diamond when I noticed something weird. Just before the battle started, I got a message informing me that one of my Pokémon was asleep. I was alarmed by this since the battle hadn’t started and no sleep-inducing moves were made. At the time, that didn’t affect my battle, but I was still concerned and curious as to why it was happening.

So, I did some in-depth research on what this meant, why it was happening, and what to do. You’ll find all my insights regarding this in this article. Therefore, if you’ve also been wondering why your Pokémon dozes off, keep reading to find out more.

So, Why is my Pokémon Dozing off

Why is my Pokémon dozing off?
Pokémon is dozing off. Image source: Pinterest

After playing this video game for more than a year now, I now know that the reason why your Pokémon dozes off during gameplay or in battle is because of affection. Keeping your Pokémon happy and full of affection is very important to its success in the game. A Pokémon’s level of affection is represented by 0 to 5 hearts.

Remember that high affection allows the Pokémon to gain many benefits during battle. So when a player wishes to increase his Pokémon’s affection, feeding and petting the Pokémon are the two main ways to do so. You will find that because of these actions, the friendship between a player and his Pokémon grows very quickly.

Affection Level Check Table

Discovering the level of affection in a Pokémon is very important. This is because a high level of affection means your Pokémon is impressed by you, and this is when you receive a text saying it is dozing off. So, this table explains how the different types of Pokémon can check on their affection levels.

Video GameInstruction
Pokémon Sword and ShieldCall and talk to your Pokémon in the camp. The number of hearts above their head will indicate the affection level.
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning PearlUse the Friendship Checker Poketch app to go to Eterna City at the Pokémon Center and speak to the woman in the middle to give you an application. When the player holds the A button over the Pokémon, hearts will show the levels.
Pokémon Scarlet and VioletIn Cascarrafa, at the second level, there is a fountain in the center where you will see an NPC with an orange text box over their head asking if you are friendly with your Pokémon. Speak to it to find out

What to do When my Pokémon is dozing off

Pokémon dozing off
Pokémon is dozing off. Image source: Pinterest

There is nothing that a player is expected to do when they receive the text that their Pokémon is dozing off. Interestingly, this is not a warning text, so it has no negative effects on your battle. It is called a flavor text, which gives your animal a personality. It indicates that the Pokémon’s friendship is high and that it is impressed by its trainer.

So it won’t doze off as it says; it is just happy. This is why there is no need to figure out how to fix the problem because this is not a problem. As unsolved as this puzzle sounds, you will realize that whenever a player gets this text, nothing bad occurs, which just proves the point that nothing negative will happen. Let’s just assume that the game’s developers did not think that giving such a message to a player would put him in panic mode.


In summary, when your Pokémon dozes off during gameplay or a battle, there is no cause for alarm. It is not a normal way of informing a player that his Pokémon likes him, but this is actually what the flavor text normally means. Always strive to keep a high level of affection in your Pokémon so that it remains happy, has a high friendship, and performs well during battles.


When my Pokémon dozes off, could it be that my opponent has used a ‘yawn’ move to make her tired and lose the battle?

No, this is not the case. It means that your Pokémon has a high friendship level. Hence it has affection toward its trainer. It is not a warning text. It is just one flavor of text that gives the Pokémon a bit of personality and should be ignored.

Another player assumed that since he was sending his Pokémon to battle at midnight, this was why his Pokémon was dozing off. All these are myths that are not true. The only reason you would get such a text is to give your Pokémon a personality because you two are getting along pretty well.

If my Pokémon is falling asleep and disobeying my orders when I use them, is it a negative thing, or should I ignore this as I would when it dozes off?

No, you should not ignore this. A Pokémon that ignores its player indicates that they are high level and do not respect you because you do not have enough badges. This is why they constantly disobey you and even sleep when you use them during an attack.

Some players argue that a Pokémon dozing off means it is afraid to go to battle. Is this so?

No. A Pokémon dozing off would not mean that it is afraid. This is an answer often provided to confused players who question why their Pokémon are dozing off without much research being done.

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