Can You Change A Pokemon Nature? (How To Change A Pokemon’s Nature)

So, my friend asked me how to change the nature of his Pokémon to what he wanted after he found out how much of an edge in a competition you get when you have the perfect nature for your Pokémon.

Now, his job has been collecting mints so that he can have the perfect Pokémon.

Since you are not guaranteed perfect nature once you capture a Pokémon, here’s what you need to know about changing a Pokémons nature.

What is the best nature for Pokémon?

What steps should be taken to alter a Pokémon's Nature?
Best nature for Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Among the 25 natures I have encountered throughout my Pok√©mon journey, the ūüĒ• best nature a Pok√©mon can possess would be Adamant, Modest, Jolly, or Timid.

A bonus tip is to check which of your Attack or Special Attack is higher and have moved to that category.

The following is the best nature for Pokémon;


Stat increase

Stat decrease



Special Attack



Special Attack


Special Attack





How do you change nature in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?


Changing nature in the Pok√©mon Scarlet and Violet is quite easy because it only uses mints to buy nature from the Chansey supply shop, which costs $20,000 each ūü§Ď.

If you want to change nature, run into the Chansey supply shop, where you will see all the 25 nature mints and how they affect your Stats.

Remember that you could accidentally use the same nature mints twice, which is not good for your stats, so check the changes in your Pokémon nature.

Do mints permanently change nature?

No, as much as mints can change the effects of your Pok√©mon’s nature, the mints cannot permanently change the original nature of the Pok√©mon.

When my Pokémon originally had a Jolly nature, and I had to change the nature to Modest to give me an edge in battle, the nature that will be displayed will be the original Jolly nature.

Jolly Nature will be used for breeding despite the change to Modest Nature causing a difference in my Pokémon Stats.

Does changing Pokémon nature affect stats?


Yes ūüíÉ, changing a Pok√©mon nature does increase a Pok√©mon’s certain stats while decreasing certain other stats. The 25 types of nature, except five of the natures, will increase only the Base Stats by 10% while also decreasing the Base Stats by 10%.

For example, if you change your Pokémon nature to Brave, the Attach stat will increase by 10%, while simultaneously decreasing speed by 10%, this changes as you change to different Pokémon nature.

Can you change legendary Pok√©mon’s nature?

Having caught a legendary Pokémon, I realized that in Sword and Shield, you can change your Pokémon nature by buying nature mints in the battle tower.

This will not change the nature of your Pokémon. But Just like the rest of the different Pokémon, It will only change its Stats by 10%.

Can you change Pok√©mon’s nature in sword and shield?

Can you explain how to modify a Pokémon's Nature?
Pok√©mon’s nature in sword and shield. Image source: Pinterest

Recently, in the Pok√©mon Sword and Shield, a way to change a Pok√©mon’s nature was introduced, unlike in the old game.

But to get the mints, you will have to work hard for it. So, after you battle and defeat the Leons Charizard in the Pokémon League, you will be able to access the Battle Tower in Wyndon; there, with 50 BP given to the cashier on the left side of the Battle Tower lobby, you will be able to choose the nature mints that you will need.

Can you change Pok√©mon’s nature in Brilliant Diamond?

How To Change A Pokemon’s Nature
Pok√©mon’s nature in Brilliant Diamond. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you can change a Pokémons nature in the brilliant diamond. You must go to the Battle Tower and buy nature mints.

Pick the mint that matches the desired nature for your Pokémon. Changing nature only goes for 50 BP given to the cashier at the Battle Tower.

Can you change Pok√©mon’s nature in Pok√©mon Unbound?

Yes ūü•≥, you can change nature in Pok√©mon Unbound in various ways. In Tehl town, the scientist has a sawsbuck that changes nature.

On the upper left corner you will also see a lady that will chane the nature for 50 BP. You can also access nature mints after you defeat a rival at Route 12.

Can you change Pok√©mon’s nature in pixelmon?

What is the process for changing a Pokémon's Nature?
Pok√©mon’s nature in pixelmon. Image source: Pinterest

Once you catch a Pok√©mon in Pixelmon, its original nature cannot be changed ūüėĒ. The original nature of the Pok√©mon cannot affect HP or Stats.

With Pixelmon, you can synchronize the nature of a Pokémon with his ability, therefore changing the nature.

Another way to change nature to your desired nature, is to use nature mints, this also improves your Stats.

Can you change Pok√©mon’s nature in emerald?

Yes ūüéČ, you can change nature in Emerald. You can do this if you go to the Slateport for 5 Oran Berries or with NPC on route 117, where, with one old coin, you can obtain a nature through mining it.

After you have collected enough coins, then you can change the nature. You can also do this only in the emerald-enhanced version.

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