Can you get Shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go? (Is Shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go?)

I have played Pokémon Go ever since the 1990s craze, and Fuecoco is among my favorite bunch during the game.

I discovered that you can get a Shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go, and that has been my favorite quest to engage in.

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I will help you understand how you can find a Fuecoco in Pokémon Go in this article and so much more.

Let’s get started;

How do you get a Fuecoco in Pokémon GO?

Is Shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go?
Fuecoco in Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

You can get a Fuecoco in Pokémon Go by ensuring that you start the game on a sunny and bright day. A Fuecoco is a day time Pokémon and you can locate it in the Gyms area where it is mostly found.

You should collect 7KM Pokémon Go eggs and walk to hatch them, different Pokémon will be hatched including the Fuecoco🙌.

Another way to get a Fuecoco in the game is through engaging in research task-related events. For instance, you should sign up for the Paldean Adventure event to increase your chances of getting a Fuecoco.

Participate in all the provided research tasks because the end reward is an encounter with a Fuecoco either in the wild or through hatching the collected eggs.

The task is available through the day, preferably from 10:00 Am, depending on your geographical location.

The Fuecoco can also be found through doing a trade-in with other players and specifically asking for it during the process.











Is Shiny Fuecoco a rare Pokémon?

Is it possible to encounter a Shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go?
Shiny Fuecoco Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, a shiny Fuecoco is an extremely rare Pokémon, and it is quite challenging to encounter it while playing Pokémon Go.

A shiny Fuecoco does not have any special moves or abilities that make it quite rare apart from its unique color that makes it an attractive Pokémon to catch.

Catching some Shiny Fuecoco requires your dedication to increasing your base stats in the game.

However, it does not mean that having high stats will automatically increase your chances of encountering the shiny Fuecoco😁.

You require a lot of patience and research to know the various techniques that can be used in luring the Shiny Fuecoco for an encounter.

What are the odds of getting shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go, Shiny Fuecoco
Shiny Fuecoco in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

The odds of getting a Shiny Fuecoco is 1/4096 when spawning it through making sandwiches in the game. The sandwiches made are specifically for ensuring that your shiny rates are significantly boosted in the process.

Having a high shiny rate increases your chances of spotting a shiny Fuecoco in the Pokémon outbreak during the game.

The odds of getting a shiny Fuecoco are at 1/1365 while incorporating the Shiny Charm💪. You have to engage and finish the Pokedex as a way to receive the Shiny Charm and increase your chances of scoring a Shiny Fuecoco.

Despite the two methods, catching a Shiny Fuecoco can be pretty challenging and requires massive patience.

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