What Is Mexican Regional Pokémon? (How to Get Mexican Regional Pokémon)

I liked Hawlucha in the anime 😊. So, when Niantic announced its release in Pokemon Go, I was stoked to get my hands on one. Unfortunately, I didn’t live in Mexico and wasn’t willing to wait for a Global Event.

Luckily, a friend returned from a trip, where he’d caught three of them and wanted to trade. We met up and closed the deal.

The Wrestling Pokemon didn’t disappoint, and I was impressed by how it held its own against stronger Pokemon.

Here’s what you need to know about Mexican regional Pokemon.

What Pokemon can you only get in Mexico?

Hawlucha and Maractus are exclusive to Mexico. Here’s what you need to know about them 👇:





Fighting / Flying



Wrestling Pokemon

Cactus Pokemon


Limber and Unburden.

Mold Breaker (Hidden Ability)

Water Absorb and Chlorophyll.

Storm Drain (Hidden Ability)

Egg Group

Flying, Human-like











Sp. Attack



Sp. Defense






Max CP




How to Get Mexican Regional Pokémon
Hawlucha. Image source: Pokemon

This Wrestling Pokemon resembles a colorful bird. Its head curves into a “beak,” with the mouth underneath. Hawlucha’s face has a green and orange color that resembles a mask.

Its eyes are yellow and surrounded by a black space.

There are rectangular, feathers on the back of its head, and its red wings have teal undersides and resemble a cape.

Hawlucha’s fighting prowess and speed let it go toe-to-toe with bigger and stronger opponents like Hariyama.

It stays in its opponent’s blind spots and uses its wings to gain an aerial advantage and strike from above. Hawlucha is the only Pokemon that learns Flying Press by leveling up.


Seeking Mexican regional Pokémon? Here's a guide.
Maractus. Image source: Pokemon

This Cactus Pokemon resembles, well, a cactus 🌵. It has ear-like protrusions on its head that resemble cactus arms.

These protrusions have dark green spikes at the bottom and yellow spikes in the middle. They’re topped with six-petal flowers.

Maractus’ face has two yellow eyes, a yellow spike in the middle, and a spiky mouth. It has dark green spikes around the neck, similar to its protrusions.

These spikes also adorn the wrists, neck, and base. Maractus moves its body rhythmically, emitting a sound similar to maracas, which it uses to ward off predators.

Maractus lives in the arid and desert regions of Mexico.

Where can you find Mexican regional Pokemon?

Interested in acquiring Mexican regional Pokémon?
Mexican regional Pokemon. Image source: Pokemon

Mexican Regional Pokemon are exclusive to Mexico. Although some like Heracross, Illumise, and Corsola inhabit other South American regions.

Niantic did this to encourage players to travel to other countries ✈️ or trade with other players. Most of these Pokemon are based on natural rivalries, while others mimic the regions in the main series games.

How to find Mexican regional Pokemon

Wondering how to add Mexican regional Pokémon to your collection?
Find Mexican regional Pokemon. Image source: Pokemon

As mentioned, Mexican Regional Pokemon are exclusive to Mexico. Therefore, you have three options for finding one:

Go to Mexico

If you live around Mexico, you can find these regional Pokemon in the wild. Log in to your game and use Pokevision to track your desired Pokemon.

Once you do, capture it like any other. Use Razz berries, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls to increase your chances.

Trade with someone who caught it there

Alternatively, trade with someone who caught a Mexican regional Pokemon. Here’s how:

  1. Ensure you’re 100 meters from each other.
  2. Open the “Friends” tab in your trainer profile.
  3. Hit the “Trade” button and notify your friends so they can join the session.
  4. Choose the Pokemon. In this case, “Hawlucha” or “Maractus.”
  5. Confirm the trade.

Wait for a Global Event.


Finally, you could wait for a Global Event that features region-specific Pokemon. For instance, the Pokemon Go Tour often features region-specific Pokemon.

Perhaps Hawlucha or Maractus will be available during such events.

However, this isn’t guaranteed.

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