Can Wild Pokemon Run Out Of PP? (Do Wild Pokémon Have Infinite PP?)

Since I started playing the Pokémon games, I have caught a lot of wild Pokémons, which have been of great help in my battle raids. Recently, my friend came up to me with his game troubles.

His wild Pokémon ran out of power points (PP), and he used the Struggle move to finish the game, but his Pokémon fainted; he could not be more 😤 upset about the situation of his Pokémon.

He also honestly thought that he could catch a wild Pokémon with infinite PP just so that he could never witness his Pokémon faint again.

This made me realize that many Pokémon enthusiasts and beginners have questioned themselves on wild Pokémon and their PP.

Let us continue reading to learn more about this topic.

Do wild Pokémon have infinite PP?


No, wild Pokémons do not have ♾ infinite Power Points. Once you catch a wild Pokémon, they have full PP for all their moves and are deducted according to the moves they have used.

Your wild Pokémon have, at one point in the game, run out of PP in all their moves, and you have 🔋 recharged them or used the Struggle move that ultimately hurts your Pokémon trying to finish the game.

This proves that you cannot catch a wild Pokémon that has unlimited power points in any of its moves.

What happens when a wild Pokémon runs out of PP?

Do all Wild Pokémon Have Infinite PP?
Wild Pokémon runs out of PP. Image source: Pinterest

When your wild Pokémon runs out of PowerPoints, you may opt to switch out moves for battle, or you will be forced to use the Struggle move that will hurt them in the end.

When using the Struggle move, your Pokémon will still act in battle even without any PP in any of the moves it has until it faints.


I have used the Struggle move several times, which cost me greatly. In as much as my wild Pokémon is still in battle and causing damage to the opponent, it takes a lot of damage to itself.

It also took out a quarter of the maximum Hit Points when I used the Struggle move.

How long does it take for PP to be restored for wild Pokémon?

Do Wild Pokémon Have Infinite PP?
Wild Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

I discovered that Power Points can be restored using various items, but they will be restored after you have planted berries, and in 24 hours, they will have grown.

Planting 🍇 berries is the best option to restore PP at a Pokémon Centre. Here are the different 💊 medicines used to restore PP:

Healing Medicine

Power Points



10 Power Points

1 Move

Max Ether

Full Power Points

1 Move


10 Power Points

All Moves

Max Elixir

Full Power Points

All Moves

Leppa Berry

10 Power Points

1 Move

I realized that in addition, when a Pokémon uses the Lunar Dance, another Pokémon will be sent to replace it, and it will have fully restored ⚡ Power Points.

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