Which Pokemon can learn false swipe and sleep? (Which Pokémon can use false swipe and sleep?)

As a Pokémon Trainer 👨‍🏫 seeking to optimize my capturing strategy, understanding ✅ which Pokémon in my roster 📃 can learn False Swipe and a sleep-inducing move is crucial.

False Swipe ensures that I never accidentally knock out wild Pokémon, while a sleep-inducing move, such as Sleep 🛌 Powder or Hypnosis, helps me safely incapacitate them for capture.

In my quest to assemble the ultimate capturing team 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦, I’ve meticulously researched 😂 which Pokémon possess the ability to learn both False Swipe and a sleep-inducing move. And, that is Gallade Pokémon.

Let’s delve into the roster of creatures that possess this invaluable combination of moves, allowing me to become a master of Pokémon capture.

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What Pokémon can learn sleep and False Swipe in Scarlet?

What Pokémon can learn sleep and False Swipe in Scarlet?
False Swipe in Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Pokémon Scarlet is one of the newest chapters in the mainline series Pokémon. The Pokémon was released in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

The Pokemon that can learn 📝 false swipe in Scarlet include Breloom, Persian, Gallade, Iron Valiant, Chien_pao, slaking, Zangoose, and Kingambit.

However, among them, Breloom is the best Pokemon that can learn sleep and False Swipe in Scarlet.


What Pokemon can learn false swipe and spore?

What Pokemon can learn false swipe and spore?
False swipe and spore. Image source: Pinterest

Breloom and Parasect Pokémon. Breloom can naturally learn Spore, and it can also learn False Swipe through TM. Breloom is a popular choice for capturing Pokémon due to its access to both moves 🚶.

While Parasect can learn False Swipe through TM and naturally learns Spore, making it a suitable choice for capturing Pokémon.

How to teach your Pokémon false swipe and sleep

There are a number # of steps you can teach ✍ your Pokemon false swipe and sleep-inducing moves like Sleep Powder, Hypnosis, or Spore allowing you to effectively capture wild Pokémon while they’re asleep and at low health. See the table below.


What to do

Capture 📸 a Pokémon with False Swipe or the sleep-inducing move

Ensure that you have a Pokémon that already knows either False Swipe or the sleep-inducing move you want to teach.

Acquire the Technical Machine(TM) or Technical Record(TR) for False Swipe

False Swipe is commonly available as a TM or TR in many Pokémon games 🎲. So, purchase TMs from certain NPCs in Pokémon Centers or department stores, find them hidden in the game world, or receive them as rewards for completing tasks.

Teach False Swipe to your Pokémon

Once you have the TM or TR for False Swipe, use it on the Pokémon you want to learn the move.

Obtain a Pokémon with the sleep-inducing move

Capture or trade for a Pokémon that knows a sleep-inducing move such as Sleep Powder, Hypnosis, or Spore.

Use the Move Reminder

In some Pokémon games, there are Move Reminder NPCs who can help your Pokémon remember moves they’ve forgotten or previously didn’t learn.

Teach the sleep-inducing move to your Pokémon

Interact with the Move Reminder NPC and select the Pokémon you want to teach the sleep-inducing move. If your Pokémon is eligible to learn the move, the Move Reminder will help them remember it.


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