How to Get More Special Research in Pokémon Go (How Do You Unlock More Special Research Tasks in Pokémon Go?)

I have been playing Pokémon Go for years now, and I have always been keen on keeping up with my special research tasks.

Over time, I have managed to earn valuable rewards, including rare Pokémon, before they could even be introduced to the game 😃.

Although sometimes I find special research pretty daunting, the rewards are always worth the effort if you want to participate in more Special Research tasks and earn rewards; read on to learn how to get more of these projects.

How Do You Unlock More Special Research Tasks?

No specified method exists to unlock more Special Research tasks, but as you progress in your current ones, more will unlock.

You must reach level 5 in Pokémon Go to participate in Special Research tasks. Some of the tasks are a bit challenging for beginners🙂. Also, at Level 5, you qualify to be part of a team and join in Gym battles.

Usually, Professor Willow will contact you to inform you of any Special Research projects. If you do not want to miss out on any projects, check your taskbar every time you log in to the game.

You do not need to be in a specific locality to access the projects; they are equally accessible to all players across the globe.

Does Everyone Get the Same Special Research in Pokémon Go?

How Do You Unlock More Special Research Tasks in Pokémon Go?
Special Research in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, everyone gets the same Special Research. However, a player can only complete each Special Research task once. Each task comes with its list of unique rewards.

These rewards include collecting Rare Candy, earning XP, and Stardust.

The grand prize is a chance to win a rare Pokémon like Mew 😊. These tasks require effort and skill, but the rewards match the effort. Tap the binoculars icon on your screen to know if you have a task.

Why Is Team Go Rocket Special Research Not Showing Up?

Getting More Special Research in Pokémon Go
Team Go Rocket Special Research. Image source: Pinterest

The latest Team Go Rocket Special Research will not appear if you still have an incomplete One in your tab. Many players often get confused when there is a new task that they cannot access.

To receive more, you must complete the one you currently have.

The table below summarizes some of the Go Rocket Research projects you need to finish if you’ve started them and have yet to finish them 👍. You do not want to lock yourself out of upcoming projects.

Go Rocket Special Research Tasks

The Take-Over Continues

A Professor’s Work is Never Done

Looming in the Shadows

The Higher They Fly

A Seven-Colored Shadow

A Challenging Development

Silent Schemes

Field Notes: Team Go Rocket

Ultra Beast Protection Efforts

Do Special Research Tasks Expire?

Via Tenor

No, Special Research tasks do not expire. Unlike timed research, Special Research tasks do not have a timeline.

Once you begin working on one, you can take whatever period you need to complete it. As long as you have progressed on one Special Research task, you can begin another and work on both simultaneously.

Also, one Special Research task cannot be replaced by another.

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