Can Pokémon evolve in daycare? (Is Pokémon Daycare worth it?)

When I first started playing Pokémon, it was not yet clear whether a Pokémon could evolve while in daycare.

This made me try and seek answers from my friends and online sources, but my best answer was derived from experience in trying to evolve Pokémon in daycare😜.

In this article, I will share my findings on whether a Pokémon daycare is worth it and if a Pokémon can evolve while in daycare.

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How fast do Pokémon level up in daycare?

Pokémon Daycare-Can Pokémon evolve in daycare? 
How fast do Pokémon level up in daycare? Image source: Pinterest

How fast a Pokémon levels up while in daycare is dependent on the number of steps a player takes. For every few steps taken, the Pokémon in daycare gains more experience points.

Thus, the more the steps, the more the experience points accumulated 💪. To achieve this, a player should walk more so that Pokémon in daycare can gain more experience points.

How long can you leave Pokémon in daycare?

Can Pokémon evolve in the daycare?
Pokémon in daycare. Image source: Pinterest

You can leave Pokémon in daycare for as long as you want. There is no definite time or deadline for how long a Pokémon should stay in daycare 🔥. However, a longer stay means:

  • The fees for the daycare are accumulating if the daycare is charging fees based on the number of Pokémon left.
  • That a Pokémon’s happiness might decrease as some Pokémon rely on happiness to level up, and thus, taking them out occasionally will prove beneficial.

Deciding how long Pokémon can stay in daycare should be guided by:

  1. Training goals. Specific training goals versus putting the Pokémon in daycare just to gain experience and level up calls for a difference in the duration the Pokémon in question will stay in the daycare.
  2. Being mindful of the space in daycare
  3. The objectives for breeding
  4. Comfortability of if a Pokémon is okay with missing out on real battles and items.

Can you evolve Pokémon after daycare?

Yes! You can evolve Pokémon after it has left the daycare 😊. However, a Pokémon cannot be triggered to transform into its next form while in daycare.

For evolution to happen, the Pokémon has to leave the daycare when it has leveled up to match the evolution requirements.

Does Pokémon daycare replace moves?

daycare - Can Pokémon evolve in daycare? 
Pokémon daycare moves. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Pokémon daycare replaces moves if a Pokémon levels up inside the daycare 😞. Upon reaching a level of learning new moves, Pokémon will automatically do so, regardless of whether it has already learned the four moves.

The first move that the Pokémon had learned will be automatically replaced. To avoid losing a specific move:

  • Move the specific move to the bottom of the list before putting your Pokémon in daycare. This means that once Pokémon learns a new move, the one at the top of the list will be the one to be replaced in that descending order. After replacement, the new move will be put at the bottom of the list.

Is Pokémon daycare worth it?

Is Pokémon Daycare really worth it?
Is Pokémon daycare worth it? Image source: Pinterest

Yes, Pokémon daycare is worth it. The worthiness of putting Pokémon in daycare is highlighted in the table below.



Hands-free training

Your Pokémon will learn new moves without you actively training them, and you can use this time to prepare for upcoming battles.

Easy leveling

Pokémon do not have to level up through actively engaging in battles as new moves can be learned in the daycare.


Daycare plays a crucial role in breeding as it gives you the chance to acquire eggs and hatch them to create powerful offspring with desirable traits.

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