Are there any Fairy Ground types Pokémon? (Is Fairy Ground a good type Pokémon?)

As I began my journey as a Pokémon trainer, I was fascinated by the countless combinations of unique types that some Pokémon possess.

One day, rumors started to spread about a mythical creature having an exceptional combination of Fairy and Ground types.

Intrigued by the mystery, I couldn’t resist the temptation to discover this elusive Pokémon, which promised the excitement of exploration and the potential for unparalleled strategic advantages in battles.

In this article, I invite you to join me in unveiling the mystery behind this rare Pokémon. Let’s explore its identity and discover its extraordinary abilities together🌟🔍🚀

Is Fairy Ground type a good Pokemon?

Is Fairy Ground a good type Pokémon?
Fairy Ground type Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

A Pokémon with both Fairy and Ground types could significantly influence the meta due to its many resistances and effectiveness against multiple types.

The combination offers a balanced approach for both offense and defense, presenting only a limited set of weaknesses. Interestingly, all three Pokémon types resistant to Fairy happen to be vulnerable to Ground attacks.

Hence, opting for a Pokémon with the Fairy and Ground combination can serve as an excellent offensive strategy😄.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a Pokémon of the Fairy/Ground type that fully capitalizes on this formidable combination.

What would be a fairy ground-type Pokemon’s weakness?

Fairy Ground Pokémon type
Fairy ground-type Pokemon’s weakness. Image source: Pinterest

A Pokémon featuring both Fairy and Ground types would introduce a distinctive array of vulnerabilities arising from this dual combination.

Typically, Fairy-type Pokémon face susceptibility to Poison and Steel-type moves😬.

However, including Ground type in this hybrid would eliminate the vulnerability to Poison attacks, providing a notable advantage by reducing the number of types capable of inflicting super-effective damage.

Conversely, Steel-type moves would maintain their regular effectiveness against a Fairy Ground-type Pokémon.

Although Fairy types are prone to Steel, Ground types receive standard damage from Steel moves. Consequently, while Steel moves wouldn’t be super-effective, they would still inflict considerable damage.

In addition to Steel, a Fairy Ground type Pokémon would be vulnerable to Water, Grass, and Ice-type attacks, all of which hold a super-effective stance against Ground types. Among these, Grass-type moves could pose a considerable threat. This is accentuated by the fact that Grass-type Pokémon resist Ground moves, mitigating the damage they take from a Fairy Ground type Pokémon’s Ground-type attacks.

In summary, a Fairy Ground type Pokémon would bring forth distinct strengths and weaknesses, demanding strategic considerations from trainers to maximize its advantages and mitigate its vulnerabilities. 🎮🏆

Via Tenor

Are there Pokemon with fairy and ground-type moves?

Via Tenor

Although no existing Pokémon possess the combined Fairy and Ground typing, several Pokémon exhibit versatility by learning moves from both types🤯.

Take Clefairy, a Fairy-type Pokémon, which can acquire the Ground-type move “Dig” using a TM. Likewise, Garchomp, a Pokémon of Ground and Dragon types, has the capability to learn the Fairy-type move “Dazzling Gleam” through a TM.

Here is a table listing some moves belonging to Fairy and Ground types:

Fairy Type Moves

Ground Type Moves



Dazzling Gleam


Play Rough


Draining Kiss

Earth Power

Numerous Pokémon can learn these moves, granting them versatile attacks to confront various adversaries.

Although no Pokémon currently possesses the dual Fairy and Ground typing, the potential synergy between these two types in a Pokémon could yield considerable power.

In the absence of such a Pokémon, trainers can employ strategic tactics by utilizing Pokémon proficient in learning both Fairy and Ground-type moves, leveraging this diversity to their benefit.

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