Are there dragon and fairy type Pokémon? (which Pokémon is both dragon and fairy type?)

In my journey through the Pokémon game, training, and collection, I have encountered numerous beautiful creatures, and none have intrigued me more than the elusive Pokémon that boasts both Dragon and Fairy types.

This unique combination challenged my understanding of these types and advantages, but eventually, I got the hang of it, and it boosted my strategies in the battle.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll uncover the identity of this dual-type Pokémon and delve into its unique abilities.

So, fellow trainers, let’s embark on this exciting exploration together!

What is a dragon-fairy type Pokémon weak to?

which Pokémon is both dragon and fairy type?
Dragon-fairy type Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

The combination of Dragon and Fairy types in Pokémon creates a fascinating blend but has specific vulnerabilities worth noting.

These Pokémon are particularly susceptible to attacks of Poison and Steel types.

Within the Pokémon universe, each type holds its distinct advantages and vulnerabilities, shaping the fundamental strategy of the game and dictating battle outcomes.

When a Poison or Steel type move collides with a Dragon-Fairy type Pokémon, the inflicted damage surpasses the norm due to the “super effective” nature of these moves against Fairy types💪.

In battles against these Pokémon, it’s pivotal to bear these weaknesses in mind, as they profoundly impact the overall result.

For instance, confronting a Dragon-Fairy-type adversary becomes more favorable when deploying a Pokémon equipped with Poison or Steel-type moves.

Hence, in strategizing your approach, remember that leveraging Poison or Steel-type moves can provide a decisive edge😄.

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What are the best moves for a dragon-fairy-type Pokémon?

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When deciding on optimal moves for a Dragon-Fairy type Pokémon, you have a range of potent options to weigh:

  1. Draining Kiss: This move inflicts damage and simultaneously heals, restoring 75% of the damage.
  2. Springtide Storm: Exclusive to Enamorus, this move packs a punch with 100 base power and a 30% chance to decrease the opponent’s Attack.
  3. Magical Torque: While not accessible to player-owned Pokémon, this move boasts an impressive 100 base power and 100% accuracy.
  4. Fleur Cannon: As a signature move of Magearna, this attack stands out with a robust base power of 130.

Remember that these moves’ effectiveness can vary based on the battle circumstances and the opponent’s type. So, make your selections wisely! 🧠💥

What is a dragon-fairy type Pokémon resistant to?

Which Pokémon holds the dual typing of Dragon and Fairy?
Dragon-fairy type Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Dragon-Fairy-type Pokémon possess crucial defenses that can provide them with a strategic advantage in battles. These include:

  • Immunity to Dragon-type attacks: Fairy-type Pokémon are impervious to the impact of Dragon-type moves.
  • Resistance against Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type attacks: Fairy-type Pokémon exhibit resilience against these specific types of attacks, making them less effective.

Refer to the following convenient table outlining their vulnerabilities and strengths:


Effect on Dragon-Fairy Pokémon


Super Effective (Weakness)


Super Effective (Weakness)


No Effect (Immunity)


Not Very Effective (Resistance)


Not Very Effective (Resistance)


Not Very Effective (Resistance)

Grasping the advantages and drawbacks of Dragon-Fairy type Pokémon can significantly elevate your approach in Pokémon battles.

Keep in mind awareness equals empowerment! 💪🎮

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