Can you get shiny Walking Wake Pokémon? (what are the odds of catching a shiny walking Wake?)

No, you cannot get shiny Walking Wake Pokémon. Like many other Pokémon enthusiasts, I have countlessly strolled through the streets, with eyes keenly glued to the screen, searching for a shiny Pokémon.

Through experience and research, I have learned that some events may allow a rare encounter with a shiny Pokémon. But I also know that there are some that you will never catch.

Many Pokémon trainers have been asking whether they have a chance of getting shiny Walking Wake Pokémon.

Well, this article will explain the probabilities of catching a shiny Walking Wake Pokémon, if any.

what are the odds of catching a shiny walking Wake?

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How to get a shiny walking wake Pokémon?

How to get a shiny walking wake Pokémon?
Shiny walking wake Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Sadlyūüė• the only way to get a shiny walking wake Pok√©mon is by finding a person who is willing to trade or sell it. The Walking Wake events are no more.

Even the recent raid events, such as the Tera Raid, which ran from December 25, 2023, to January 4th, 2024, and the Indigo Disk DLC, only allowed players to encounter and catch a non-shiny one.

You can buyūüí≤, a shiny walking wake Pok√©mon from trustworthy traders from online communities. The best trading forums to try your luck include Subreddits and Discord. From these platforms, search ‚ÄúShiny Walking Wake Trades‚ÄĚ and find a reputable trader.

You can also buy it from online marketplaces such as eBay. Such websites occasionally have listings of Shiny Walking Wake Pokémon.

Additionally, you can get individual sellers who claim to have the Pokémon. Remember to exercise a lot of caution when trading online and only pay using safe platforms.

For instance, when purchasing from individual sellers, consider using escrow services.

Is walking Wake shiny locked in Pokémon

Is walking Wake shiny locked in Pokémon
Walking Wake shiny in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, Walking Wake Shiny has been locked ūüĒí in Pok√©mon Scarlet and Violet since October 2023. This means that you cannot encounter or catch it within the game using any legitimate means.

However, some individuals claiming to have encountered and caught it may have used illegal means, such as hacking and changing some files within the game.

Doing such is not allowed, and one risks a ban from playing the game online.

Most online platforms speculate that future updates may unlock the Walking Shiny Pokémon. Although not confirmed, it is crucial to keep checking for future updates that may unlock the Walking Wake Pokémon.

Can you trade Shiny Walking Wake in Pokémon?

Can you trade Shiny Walking Wake in Pokémon?
Shiny Walking Wake. Image source: Pinterest

You can tradeūüíį shiny walking wake in Pok√©mon. The most popular places you can trade a Shiny Walking Pok√©mon are trading websites, trading apps, and online communities.

I have traded several Pokémon in various online communities and can comfortably recommend considering.

Some of the platforms that I have used severally are Discord and subreddits. The most crucial thing when buying from such platforms is to ensure that you vet every seller.

Find out whether they are verified and what other buyers say about them.

Also, ensure that you use safe means of payment. I normally use Escrow, especially when trading from individuals.

The table below shows different methods you can use to acquire a shiny Walking Wake Pokémon.




Trading in online communities

May be cheaper than buying

Availability of many buyers

Risk of scammers

It is tedious to verify buyers

Individual sellers

Ease of communication.

A very high risk of encountering scammers.


‚ÄúIt is cheap.”

It is unethical.

You get a ban from playing online.

You may corrupt your game files, making them unusable.

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