Is Vaporeon suitable for breeding? (What egg group is Vaporeon?)

Last week, my friend and I disagreed over the compatibility of Vaporeons to breed with humans. He said they have scales and are in the field egg group, which includes fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.

But actually, since it’s a water type, it can easily mate with humans and recover from fatigue with its Water Absorb and Hydration abilities.

If you are wondering if Vaporeon is suitable for breeding, I will help you answer this question since I have been a Pokémon enthusiast for years.

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What egg group is Vaporeon?

Discover the specific breeding category that encompasses Vaporeon Pokémon.
Vaporeon egg group. Image source: Pinterest

What egg group is Vaporeon?The Vaporeon egg group is Field. The Vaporeon was introduced in Generation I and is a water-type Pokémon. When exposed to Water Stone, Eevee evolves to Vaporeon, which is the final form.

The other final forms include Flareon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon.

It has similar physical traits to land and aquatic animals. It has a light blue body and, its head has a dark blue ring around it. It also has a spine with a spiky ridge.

The eyes are black, and the nose is tiny and black too. Its neck has a white fin, and its head has three fins with cream-colored webbing.

Each side of its head has these fins similar to ears. A fin resembling a dorsal fin is directly on top of its head.

if Vaporeon is a good choice for breeding in Pokémon It is a quadruped, with each foot having small toes and the hind feet having dark blue paw pads. Its split tail fin resembles a mermaid’s and is believed to be mermaid folklore’s origin.

The fins detect moisture and vibrate when sensing incoming rain.



Gender Ratio

Male:87.5%, Female: 12.5%



Egg type



Bubble jet Pokémon


Water Absorb

EV Yield


Hidden abilities



3’03” 1 m

Hatch time

35 cycles


63.9 lbs.29 kg.

Leveling rate

Medium fast

Can Vaporeon breed with a ditto?

Learn which group Vaporeon Pokémon belongs to for breeding considerations.
Vaporeon breeding. Image source: Pokemon

 Interested in breeding Pokémon, specifically Vaporeon?Yes, a Vaporeon can breed with ditto to get an Eevee. If you breed any evolution line with another compatible Pokémon, the female of the two will give an egg for the species’ lowest form. You can use any Pokémon with ditto, including males and genderless.

Pokémons that cannot breed include those with undiscovered egg groups, such as legendaries.

What do you get when you breed a Vaporeon and a ditto?

😛As mentioned earlier, a Vaporeon breeds with a ditto to get an Eevee. The Eevee can evolve into seven evolutions, which include

  • With the Water Stone, it evolves into Vaporeon.
  • With the Fire Stone, it evolves into a Flareon.
  • Jolteon with the Thunder Stone.
  • Leveling it with high Friendship during the day, it evolves to Espeon.
  • Leveling it up with high Friendship during the night gives an Umbreon.
  • Leveling it up in Eterna Forest near Mossy Rock in the Sinnoh Region gives a Leafeon. For this to happen, you must trade it for pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.
  • Leveling it up near ice-covered rock on Route 217 in the Sinnoh Region gives a Glaceon. For this to happen, you must trade it for Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.

Why is Vaporeon considered compatible to breed with humans?

Vaporeon's egg breeding category
Vaporeon. Image source: Pokemon

Vaporeon egg groupVaporeon is compatible to breed with humans because it is in the field egg group that comprises mostly of mammals. They are an average of 63.9 pounds and 3”03′ tall, which is large enough to handle humans.

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