How to Check Your Pokémon’s Friendship Level (How Do You Raise a Pokémon’s Friendship?)

I never prioritized improving my Friendships as a rookie. Although this didn’t stop me from winning and evolving my Pokémon, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing out on something.

So, when I got my hands on the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, I focused on Friendship and learned so much about Pokémon training.

Here’s a snippet of what I learned and how you can raise your Pokémon’s Friendship.

How do you raise a Pokémon’s Friendship?


Raising your Pokémon’s Friendship varies from one game to another. However, the simplest way to do this is walking with your Pokemon and using it in battles.

This table summarizes how to raise Friendship in different Pokemon games 👇.



Gen I

Walk with Pikachu.

Don’t let it faint in battle.

Use Pikachu in all your Gym battles.

Gen II

Use a Friend Ball to catch Pokemon.

Walk 512 steps with your Pokemon.

Have your Pokemon groomed at the salon in the Goldenrod Tunnel.


Use a Luxury Ball to catch your Pokemon.

Give your Pokemon a Soothe Bell.

Use your Pokemon in Gym and Champion Battles.

Gen IV

Have your Pokemon in your party.

Use EV Berries like Pomeg, Grepa, and Tamato.

Gen V

Use X Attack, X Défense, and X Speed.

Give your Pokemon a massage.

Teach your Pokemon TM moves.

Gen VI

Walk 128 steps with your Pokemon.

Use feathers

Use a Soothing Bag during Super Training.


Take your Pokemon to hot springs.

Use your Pokemon in Kahuna, Elite Four, and Champion Battles.

How long does it take to level up Friendship in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon’s Friendship-How to Check Your Pokémon’s Friendship Level
Level up Friendship in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

It takes several months to level up your Friendships in Pokemon Go. Niantic recently introduced a feature that allows players to befriend each other and grow those Friendships for bonuses 😃.

There are currently four Friendship levels in the game. They are:

  1. Good Friends – 1 day.
  2. Great Friends – 7 days.
  3. Ultra Friends – 30 days.
  4. Best Friends – 90 days.

You can level up your Friendship by sending each other gifts and postcards 🎁.

How do you evolve Pokémon by Friendship fast?

How Do You Raise a Pokémon’s Friendship?
Evolve Pokémon by Friendship. Image source: Pinterest

You’ll need to reach the minimum Friendship level to evolve your Pokemon. The process varies from one game to another. Here’s a few pointers to get you started 🎁:

  1. Take your Pokemon on walks.
  2. Give your Pokemon vitamins.
  3. Level up through battles.
  4. Use Soothe Bells and Luxury Balls.

What is the maximum Friendship level in Pokémon?

Check Your Pokémon’s Friendship Level 
Maximum Friendship level in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

The maximum Friendship level in Pokemon is 255. Friendship affects the evolution of some Pokemon and the effectiveness of some moves. For instance, some Pokemon receive a 10% boost to their stats at maximum Friendship.

How much Friendship does it take to evolve Pokemon?

Raise a Pokémon’s Friendship
Friendship. Image source: Pinterest

This depends on the game you’re playing. You need 220 Friendships in Generations I to VII and 160 for Generation VIII and above.

It’s worth noting that Friendship is one of the requirements for evolution, and you’ll need to meet the others before evolution.

Pokemon that require Friendship to evolve include Pikachu, Eevee, JigglyPuff, Clefairy, Crobat, and Togetic.

How much Friendship does a Pokémon gain from leveling up?

You gain 5 points if you’re Friendship falls in the 0 to 99 categories, 3 points for 100 to 199 categories, and 2 points for 200 to 255 categories.

Can you evolve a level 100 Pokémon with Friendship?

Ways to Raise a Pokémon’s Friendship
Level 100 Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

This depends on the game you’re playing.

Generations II to VII

Pokemon at level 100 cannot evolve by leveling up. Unfortunately, Friendship evolution relies on leveling up. As such, a level 100 cannot use Friendship.

Generation VIII onwards

Pokemon at level 100 can evolve if you use Rare Candy. As such, your Pokemon will evolve if it meets the requirements (including Friendship).

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