What is the best moveset for Charizard in Pokemon Brick Bronze? (What moves should I teach my Charizard in Brick Bronze?)

Pokemon cards have been my favorite game since I was a young boy. I especially enjoyed the Charizard X in brick bronze.

I later came to realize that this was because of how evolved this Charizard is, and the moveset that this Charizard employs just made me want to play this game even more. 😋

Let’s dive in and find out more about some of the best moveset for charizard that you can use in brick bronze and the best mega evolution for charizard to use for an amazing experience when Playing this cards.

What moveset is best for Charizard in brick bronze?

What moves should I teach my Charizard in Brick Bronze?

The best movesets for Charizard in brick bronze are blast run and fire spin, especially when attacking Pokemon in gyms. This combination is without a doubt the best moveset for PVP battles, and it also has the highest total DPS.

There are, however, other movesets that you can use, and they are listed below;

Sunny day, ancient power, flamethrower, and solar beam

For Charizard, with type spread coverage and a great strategy, this moveset might just prove to be the most useful.

Sunny days improve Charizard’s, and this allows it to use solar beams without charge time, making it a great danger to water or ground.

Flamethrower, Air Slash, Flare Blitz, and Dragon Breath

If you want to take advantage of the Charizard’s high special attack stat that boosts damage, this dual fire moveset is just the thing for you. The flamethrower is just what you need as your go-to fire move to get the job done, and with the flare blitz, the firepower you get is just amazing.

What moves should I teach my Charizard in Brick Bronze?

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What is the best mega evolution for Charizard in brick bronze?

When it comes to the mega evolution of Charizard in brick bronze, there is tough competition between Charizard X and Y.

But if you have to choose one, then Charizard X comes out on top. This is because Charizard Y is more focused on the special attack part, while X is more balanced in all of its abilities.

With moves like the flamethrower and solar beam, Charizard Y is a great wall breaker because of its drought ability to cause sunny weather.

On the other hand, Charizard X is focused more on setting up an attack, using the dragon dance, and at the same time taking advantage of its tough claws ability to boost the damage done.

What are the stats of the charizard in brick bronze?

Below are the average base stats of the Charizard Pokemon in brick bronze.










What is the best move for Charizard Brick Bronze?

What is the best moveset for Charizard in Pokemon Brick Bronze? 
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The reason behind Charizard’s success in most battles is the use of a moveset consisting of the blast burn and dragon claw for charged moves and the wing attack as a fast move.

At what level does Charizard evolve in brick bronze?

It first evolves into the Charmeleon at the start of level 16, which later evolves into the Charizard at level 36.

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