Is Charizard a Dragon? (The Reason Why Charizard Is Not Considered A Dragon)

If it looks like a dragon, can you call it a dragon? When I first got into the Pokémon craze, I immediately took a liking to the fire-breathing Charizard. The reason behind it was very simple: I think dragon-like creatures are very cool.

This Pokémon has a wide range of dragon-like abilities and physical characteristics that have caused fans to debate whether or not it is a dragon.

Now, it’s time to put my long-acquired vast knowledge of Charizard to use as we delve into the topic of how to classify this fiery Pokémon.


Is Charizard a Dragon?

Charizard is not a dragon. Fans have continuously been divided over this topic because it does look like one. However, it is an evolution from Charmander to Charmeleon and finally to level 36, where it is now Charizard.

Is Charizard a Dragon?


Why is Charizard not a Dragon-Type?

Being a Starter Pokémon, Charizard would have too much power if it were a Dragon-type. Starter Pokémon are all about balance with the right amount of power.

The three types of Starter Pokémon are Grass, Water, and Fire. Charizard falls into the Fire-type category .

These Starter Pokémon types, as shown, are well thought out and balanced according to the abilities they possess.

Type of Starter PokémonStarter Pokémon to beat

As the table shows, each Starter Pokémon can go toe-to-toe and emerge victorious against one type but faces defeat while battling the other type . This is the definition of balance that shows why Charizard is not a Dragon-type.

The main reason why Charizard is thought to be a Dragon-type is because of its appearance. But Charizard is an upgrade that levels up from Charmander, which is a Lizard Pokémon.

Can Charizard Fly?

 The Reason Why Charizard Is Not Considered A Dragon
Charizard Flying-Fire type. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard is classified as a Flying-Fire type. It is important to note, however, that Charizard can fly in Pokémon Yellow but is unable to in Pokémon Blue/Red since this was before the character’s upgrade.

This happened after the update of the game. Charizard gained a new ability to fly and was given the Flying/Fire type.

Was Charizard Always a Flying Type?

No. The evolution of Charizard into a Flying/Fire-type Pokémon came after Charmeleon learned the flying technique.

The Gen 1 Pokémon types were updated to have two types, which led to Charmeleon evolution to Charizard becoming a Flying/Fire-type.

Is Charizard a Lizard?

Yes, Charizard can be classified as a lizard. As mentioned earlier, Charizard is an evolution from Charmamander, which is a Lizard Pokémon.

The direct translation of Charizard from Japanese is Lizardon, which cements the fact that Charizard is indeed a lizard.

Does Charizard have Any Dragon-type abilities?

Is Charizard a Dragon? 
Charizard Dragon-type abilities. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard only has abilities associated with Flying/Fire-type. As previously explained, Charizard is an upgraded level from Charmander. Charmander had the abilities of a Fire-type Pokémon before it leveled up to Charmeleon.

Charizard only has physical similarities to a dragon despite not being one. These similarities do not relate to the Pokémon’s abilities.


What are the abilities of Charizard?

One of the abilities Charizard possesses is the blaze ability, which allows it to blast scalding hot flames. Interestingly enough, the flame located at the tip of Charizard’s tail burns the hottest. It also has a hidden ability known as solar power.

What are Charizard’s weaknesses?

Electric, Rock, and Water-type attacks are Charizard’s weaknesses that could lead to its defeat. The damage Charizard may receive while executing a Rock-type attack may reach up to 256%. While a Water and Electric-type attack may result in 160% damage.

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