How to beat Charizard with Azumarill (How to use Azumarill against Charizard)

The Charizard Tera Raid Battles are one of my favourite challenges. I’ve played many Pokemon raids since I was a kid, but nothing beats the opportunity to conquer Charizard.

I finally beat Charizard with Azumarill, and I’m so excited to share how I did it! 😁 So, let’s have a chat about how to use Azumarill against Charizard, what items you’ll need to give Azumarill for the raid, whether Azumarill is better than Charizard Tera raid, and the best way to prepare Azumarill for Charizard Tera 😉.


How to use Azumarill against Charizard

How to beat Charizard with Azumarill 
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Since Azumarill is a Water/Fairy type, it is the perfect choice to counter Charizard’s Fire/Flying typing. You should equip Azumarill with the right moves and items to resist Charizard’s attacks.

Azumarill can use Rain Dance to counter Fire Blast (Fire-type) and Play Rough for Charizard’s Tera Blast (Dragon-type). The most challenging to resist will probably be Hurricane (Flying-type), so get ready with Belly Drum, which will significantly increase Azumarill’s attacks.

What items do you give Azumarill for the Charizard raid?

Azumarill needs to have the necessary moves to beat Charizard. The most important factor to consider is that Charizard is a Fire/Flying type, and Azumarill is a Water/Fairy type. Here are some of the moves and items Azumarill will need:



Hidden Ability- Huge Power

It doubles Azumarill’s attack stat to let it hit hard enough.

Fairy Tera type- Play Rough

This is a necessary move because it’s Azumarill’s most damaging Fairy move 😈. It is especially effective against Charizard’s Dragon type (Tera Blast).

Belly Drum

It substantially increases Azumarill attacks. However, it reduces Azumarill’s health.

Rain Dance

It is a great move to counter Charizard’s Sunny Day so that it can’t use Solar Flare and resist Fire-type attacks.

Held Item- Shell Bell

It allows you to heal 1/8 of Azumarill’s damage after losing strength from Belly Drum.

Alternatively, you can use Sitrus Berry to heal ¼ of Azumarill’s damage after using Belly Drum. You can also use Lum Berry to heal Azumarill’s burns or confusion from Fire Blast or Hurricane.

If you aren’t using the Belly Drum, you can also use Assault Vest, which increases Special Defense by 50%.

Is Azumarill better than Charizard Tera raid?

How to beat Charizard with Azumarill 
Charizard Tera raid. Image source: Pokemon

No, both Azumarill and Charizard are powerful. Charizard’s lethal fire attacks🔥and the Hurricane are difficult to resist.

Azumarill is great because it is both a Water and Fairy type, making it Charizard’s natural opponent. Thanks to its Fairy Tera type, Adamant nature, and Huge Power ability, Azumarill is undoubtedly the best bet against Charizard 😌.

Best way to prepare Azumarill for Charizard Tera Raid

 How to use Azumarill against Charizard)
Azumarill. Image source: Pinterest

The best way to prepare Azumarill is to get it to level 100, raise its attacks, and train it in the necessary moves. You can use HP, useful for other raids besides Charizard or Special Defense, which works just fine.

Train Azumarill for Belly Drum to help it attack Charizard. Azumarill easily learns other moves like Play Rough and Rain Dance, but the Belly Drum requires more effort.

You will transfer the move through Mirror Herb and a picnic for Azumarill with another Pokemon that knows Belly Drum.

You will need to EV train Azumarill to increase its stats. Also, check for its Nature which you can change using Adamant Mint, and IVs. Adamant Nature increases Azumarill’s Attack while using Bottle Caps for IVs maximizes them.

You can also have a support Azumarill for Light Screen, which reduces the attacks from Charizard’s special attacks, and Helping Hand in place of Cheer to boost at least one friend’s attack.

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