Is Charizard in lost Origin? (what is the Charizard in lost Origin worth?)

As an avid Pokémon Trading Card Game collector, I’ve spent countless hours studying the game’s intricacies, the rarity of the cards, and the fluctuating market values.

Today, I’d like to share my insights on a card that has caught the attention of many collectors and players alike – the Charizard card from the Lost Origin series.

With its unique artwork and Ultra Rare status, this card has stirred up quite a buzz in the Pokémon community. So, let’s look into the details and uncover the worth of the Charizard in Lost Origin😉.

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Is Charizard in Lost Origin rare?

what is the Charizard in lost Origin worth?
Charizard in Lost Origin rare. Image source: Pokemon

Yes, Charizard in the Lost Origin is rare🔥. This card is considered to be ultra-rare. Its rarity is, however, based on certain factors, which include:

Limited printing.

This means that only a few of these cards were printed and produced, making them the hardest to find.

Unique artwork.

This feature shows Leon playing around with his Charizard. Unlike various Charizard cards that only portray them as fierce fighters breathing fire, this card’s unique artwork is charmingly different. For this reason, collectors cherish it, hence contributing to its rarity.

Among Character Rare.

The Lost Origin series features a Charizard card classified as a Character Rare. These cards have a foil finish on every part except the illustration. It’s important to note that this doesn’t affect the card’s rarity or collector number.

However, the unique appearance of these cards can make them more desirable to collectors, thus increasing their value as a rarity.

How much is the Charizard in Lost Origin worth?

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The current market price of Charizard in Lost Origin is valued at 3.35 us dollars, which is 86.93% compared to data from the past seven days.

As much as this card is rare, its price fluctuates depending on the demand and availability🙆.

Additionally, the rarity and value of this card depend on factors such as its condition and grading. For example, a grade 9 Charizard from the Lost Origin is valued at around 20.99 us dollars.

What are the odds of pulling Charizard in Lost Origin?

The odds of pulling a Charizard in Lost Origin vary. Based on a sample size of more than 8000 Lost origin packs, the pull rates differ for each category.

Here is a table showing Charizard pull rates in Lost Origin for each category:

Card type

Pull Rate in percentage


Normal Pokémon V


1 in 9 packs

Pokémon VMAX or VSTAR


1 in 23 packs

Full-Art Pokémon V


1 in 51 packs

Full-Art Trainer


1 in 70 packs

Alt-Art Pokémon V


1 in 201 packs

Lost Origin has a total of 44 Ultra Rare Pokémon cards. Out of the booster packs of Lost Origin, approximately 20% of them contain an Ultra Rare card in the Rare slot.

The Ultra Rare cards in Lost Origin are divided into five categories, each with different pull rates, as shown.

Is Charizard in Lost Origin Pokémon?

Is Charizard in lost Origin?
Charizard in Lost Origin Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes😌, Charizard in the Lost Origin series is Pokémon, and this card is additionally ultra rare. Also, Its features are unique and desirable😎.

How many Charizards are in the Lost Origin?

There is a single Charizard card available in the Lost Origin series, which is classified as an Ultra Rare card💥.

However, it’s important to note that the number of cards included in a specific edition can vary, and there may be additional promotional or special cards included.

If you’re interested in collecting, verifying the latest information from reliable sources is always a good idea.

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