When Does Charizard Learn Flamethrower? (How Do You Teach Charizard Flamethrower)

If you are a true Pokemon addict, you know the thrill of leveling up. The adrenaline rush of building a strong Pokemon as you advance is irresistible. I always find myself anticipating my next level to experience the feeling of greater power and ability.

I don’t know about you, but that’s what keeps me glued to my game screen. If you love Charizard like I do, it has probably taken you a long time to develop some iconic moves, like Flamethrower.

If you are not there yet, you must wonder 🤔 how the real pros do it, right?

Alright, Let’s level up a Charizard together then, shall we?

When Does Charizard Learn Flamethrower? 

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How do you teach Charizard Flamethrower?

Flamethrower is a Special Attack move in Pokemon. It is a move that needs special conditions to be met before your Charizard can learn it. To teach your Charizard Flamethrower, you must:

  • Reach the required level. In different games or versions of Pokemon, there is a required level you must reach to be able to teach your Charizard Flamethrower. Note that, before getting to the necessary level, your Charizard won’t be able to learn the move no matter what. For example, in Pokemon Red, you must reach Level 46 for your Charizard to learn Flamethrower.
  • Have an Elite Charged TM. Technical Machines, or TMs in short, allow you to teach your Pokemon moves. Normal TMs teach regular moves, while Elite Charged TMs teach exclusive moves. Since Flamethrower is an exclusive move, you will need an Elite Charged Attack TM to get it. 👉You can obtain Elite Charged TMs by buying from the shop at $5-$8, as a reward for reaching a higher level, or by completing Timed Researches.

At what level does Charizard learn Flamethrower in Let’s Go Pikachu?

In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, your Charizard can learn Flamethrower at Level 54 👏. Remember that this is an exclusive move, so you need an Elite Charged TM. The TM for Flamethrower here is TM 37, which you can obtain from the 10th floor.

When Does Charizard Learn Flamethrower? 

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What level does Charizard learn Flamethrower in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokemon Yellow, Charizard can learn Flamethrower at Level 46. Note that, unlike in other versions of Pokemon, Flamethrower does not need a TM in Pokemon Yellow. You only need to level up to Level 46 to learn the move.

What level does Charizard learn Flamethrower in Pokemon Brick Bronze?

How Do You Teach Charizard Flamethrower?
Pokemon Brick Bronze. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokemon Brick Bronze, Flamethrower can be learned at level 34. At this level, Charmeleon has yet to evolve into Charizard, which happens at Level 36.

Therefore, it is safe to say that by the time you have a Charizard in Brick Bronze, it already knows Flamethrower.

When does Charizard learn Flamethrower Fire Red?

When Does Charizard Learn Flamethrower? 
Charizard Flamethrower Fire Red. Image source: Pokemon

In Pokemon Fire Red, Flamethrower is a move learned at Level 31 . Note that, at this level, Charmeleon has not evolved into Charizard. This means Charizard does not learn Flamethrower through leveling up in Flame Red, but it is a move that can be imported from the lower levels 🤝.

What is the Power of Flamethrower in Pokemon? 

GameFlamethrower Power
Let’s Go Pikachu70
Brick Bronze90
Fire Red90

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I teach Flamethrower to Charizard?

Yes. You should definitely teach your Charizard Flamethrower if it has evolved to the required level. That is because Flamethrower is an exclusive move for fire-type Pokemons with enough power to threaten many opponents in the game.

When can Charizard learn Flamethrower in Pokemon Unite?

Your Charizard can learn Flamethrower on Level 5 in Pokemon Unite. However, it will be weak, and you need to wait up to Level 11 to upgrade it into a powerful attack move.

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