Can Charizard learn Earthquake? (Should you teach Charizard Earthquake)

I will never forget the first time I encountered Charizard ūüėÉ. At 10 years, it was my maiden Pok√©mon journey and my excitement was palpable.

However, I barely understood the intricacies of the game and had put all my faith in my champion and trusted companion, -Charmander.

Although my Charizard had evolved into a fire-breathing dragon, it was clear he needed training for a new move-set, because he had lost severally and needed a new ground-type attack.

Although Earthquake seemed like an obvious choice since it would cover Charizard’s weaknesses to Rock, I was not sure whether it would be worth it and if Charizard could learn considering he is a Flying-type Pokemon.

Read on to find out whether Earthquake is a good move and if you should teach Charizard.

Can Charizard be affected by Earthquake?

In many circumstances, Charizard Y is not affected by Earthquake because it is a flying ūüíłPok√©mon. Most ground attacks are weak against Charizard Y and other flying and levitating Pok√©mon. However, a Charizard X which is not a flying Pok√©mon is affected by Earthquake.

However, there are circumstances when Charizard Y is affected by Earthquake. For instance, I was recently about to level Charizard to level 100 by battling the Elite Four, and during a battle with Krookodile, which had the Intimidate power.

It used the earthquake, which significantly affected my Charizard. I was puzzled but later discovered that such was possible because the Krookodile had used a SmackDown and then used Earthquake right after I used Roost.

Therefore, there are circumstances under which Earthquake can affect Charizard.

Is Earthquake a good move for Charizard?

Can Charizard learn Earthquake? 

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Yes, Earthquake is a good move for Charizard because it is among the strongest and most accurate physical attack moves.

Most Pokémon enthusiast recommends teaching Charizard Earthquake because it boosts a base power of 100, which is one of the strongest for Charizard.

Additionally, the Earthquake has excellent coverage and is effective against Steel, Rock, and Electric which Charizard has weaknesses against. It is especially a good move against Rock, which Charizard has a 4x weakness against.

However, if you prefer using strategic moves and combinations, you might not find Earthquake interesting because it forces you to rely on brute force.

Also, if your team has other Pokémon that are effective against opponents such as Rock, Steel, and Electric, you might not prefer using the Earthquake move for Charizard.

Should you teach Charizard earthquake?

You should teachūüĎ©‚ÄćūüŹę Charizard the Earthquake. As mentioned, it is one of the strongest physical-attack moves that Charizard makes. It also enables Charizard to effectively attack opponents such as Rock which pose a greater danger.

Additionally, it is a relatively easy move to train especially in Generation Two since it is TM obtainable in the Kanto region after solving the puzzle in Cianwood City. Also, in Generation Three and above, Earthquake is TM or TR obtainable, often after exploring specific locations or defeating the Elite Four.

Why is Earthquake a good move for Charizard

Can Charizard learn Earthquake? 
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Earthquake is a good move for Charizard because it is strong, accurate, and effective against opponents to which Charizard is weaker.

It is a move that uses brute force and destroys, Charizard’s nemeses such as Rock. Boosting a base power of 100, and an accuracy level of 100%, it is highly effective against most Ground-type Pokémon.

The table below shows why Earthquake is a good move for Charizard

100 power base ūüí™Causes significant damage to opponents.
Excellent coverageCauses damage to Pokémon types that are resistant to Charizard’s flying and fire moves. Such include Rock, Electric, and Steel-type Pokémon.
Strategic flexibility It can be used in offensive and defensive strategies.
Synergy with Tough Claws ability (30% power boost for contact moves)Increases Earthquake’s damage output

Besides, its strategic flexibility makes it useful in various offensive and defensive battle strategies. For instance, in offensive battles, it is used to break through walls and sweep against weakened teams.

While on defensive battles, it deters opponents who switch with Rock or Steel-type Pokémon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the next best alternative move to earthquake for Charizard?

Although it does not work like an earthquake, Dragon Claw is a good move because it is a physical move, has a high-power base, and works well with a flying type Pokémon.

Is it difficult to train Charizard the Earthquake move?

It is relatively easy to train Charizard the Earthquake moves. You can also attain it through breeding.

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