Can you get Charizard in Pokémon Sword? (how do you get Charizard in Pokémon Sword)

I love spending my free time playing Pokémon Sword since I find it intriguing. Having played the game for long, I could not hide my excitement when I heard that it was possible to get Charizard in Pokémon Sword. Without wasting time, I started learning how to get Charizard in this Pokémon through online videos and became an expert. This inspired me to teach others about how you can get Charizard in this game, and so I created this post to share what I know. Stick around until the end to learn this and much more.

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How do you get Ash Charizard in Pokémon Sword?

If you are in South Korea, you can get Ash Charizard in this game through Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back-Evolution in theaters. Note that the offer to get Ash Charizard in this Pokémon is not always available, and you can only get it for a limited time. 🤷What if you are in another region? If this is the case, you can trade for this Charizard with a legacy move, that is, a move it knows it cannot normally learn. Here are details of Ash Charizard in Pokémon Sword.



Seismic Toss

Dragon Tail


Where does Charizard spawn in Pokémon Sword?

how do you get Charizard in Pokémon Sword
Charizard spawn in Pokémon Sword. Image source: Pinterest

Since Charizard does not spawn in the wild, you have to find it using a different method. Charizard is initially a Charmander, so you have to level it up and evolve it.

The Charmander, which you get through Leon, can turn into a Gingatamax Charizard.

Therefore, to do this, you have to level it to 16 and allow it to evolve into a Charmeleon and again at level 36 when it evolves into a Charizard.

Can you evolve Charizard in Pokémon Sword?

Before you manage to get Charizard in Pokémon Sword, you must first defeat Champion Leon and complete the whole story.

Once you beat the game, you should fly back to Postwick and get into Hop’s House. Inside Leon’s room, you will come across a Poke Ball with a Charmander in it.

You then have to train the Charmander and level up to get Charizard. 🔚Charizard is the final evolution when you get to this level.

Can you get Charizard in Pokémon Sword? 

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Which sword and shield pack has Charizard?

The Pokémon TCG: Sword and Shield Ultra Premium Collection has Charizard. It contains 3 etched foil promo cards that include Charizard VSTAR, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard V. You should consider getting this sword and shield pack since it offers powerful gameplay options.

The Charizard cards in the pack make it more interesting since they intimidate other players. Charizard V has an attack that can damage your opponent’s Pokémon. It can evolve into Charizard Vmax or Charizard VSTAR.

Is Charizard still good in Sword and Shield?

Can you get Charizard in Pokémon Sword?
Charizard in Sword and Shield. Image source: Pokemon

Yes, it is. For instance, in Sword and Shield, Charizard V stands out for its incinerate attack that is capable of removing the Pokémon tools attached to it. 🧐

Before using the Charizard Vmax card, you should beware of the high cost of the G-Max wildfire attack, that is, 2 colorless Energy and 3 Fire energy.

The 300 massive damage it does makes this Charizard card worthwhile. 🤩Charizard Vstar is also good due to its impressive attacks. This one does a devastating damage of 320.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mega Charizard available in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot use Mega Charizard in this Pokémon since it is not available.

Where is Mewto in Pokémon Sword?

Mewto is only available in Pokémon Sword in the Dynamax Adventure, Crown Tundra Expansion.

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