What can Charizard breed with? (How to breed a Charizard)

Being a Pokemon enthusiast naturally pushed me to discover ways of maximizing my Charizard stats, and I found out about breeding. I had to learn how to breed Charizard in different Pokemon, including Pokemon sword.

As an armature in breeding Charizard, I faced challenges because I had yet to identify one major trick, about breeding: the partners have to be in the same egg group.

Once I learnt that, it was easy for me to breed Charizard. So today, I am writing to help you understand what Charizard can breed with and how to do it.

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How to breed a Charizard in a Pokemon sword?

How to breed a Charizard
Charizard in a Pokemon sword. Image source: Pinterest

Choose a male and female Charizard, and they should 🩷 like each other. Leave the two at the nursery. They will lay an egg that you should pick at the nursery.

Keep it in your party until it’s time for hatching. If you want an egg without so much struggle, the best mate should be Dittos.

Also, you can use a mate that looks vaguely the same as Charizard, for example, Duraludon.

How to breed Charizard in fire red?

First, you need to find a partner from the Dragon egg group or Monster egg group. Then, take the partner to the daycare on Floor Island to start the breeding process. Here are the steps necessary for breeding Charizard


What to do

Step one

Include Charizard in your active party. If you have yet to have a Charizard, then you will have to create one by selecting Charmander as the starter Pokemon and making sure you get to level six.

Step two

Get a Pokemon from the Dragon egg group or Monster egg group. For the dragon group, the best mates can be Dratini, Ekanas and Seadra, among others. For the monster egg group, there are more like Lapras, Squirtle, Cubone and Rhyhorn, amongst others.

Step three

Head to Vermillion City and go to the harbor, south section.

Step four

Use a Seagallop ferry to go to Floe Island

Step five

Head to the daycare north of the island

Step six

Talk to the owner of the daycare, and she will take care of Charizard and the mate.

Step seven

Confirm the compatibility of the two by talking to an old man by the gate.

Step eight

Make 256 steps away from the daycare. When you come back, you will be given an egg that will hatch a Charmander, which will grow into a Charizard.

What egg group does Charizard belong to?

How to breed a Charizard
Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

Charizard belongs to the Dragon and Monster Egg group. Like many other creatures in the 🐲 Dragon egg group, Charizard is also considered a dragon. The monster egg group is partially reptile. They superficially take after dinosaurs.

Can Ditto and Charizard breed?

Yes, Ditto and Charizard can breed. If you have a male Charizard, a Ditto is the best species to use for breeding. Ditto is the best mate for almost all Pokemon, and it needs little effort to produce an egg.

Can you breed Charizard and Dragonite?

Yes, you can breed Charizard and Dragonite. When breeding them, you have half a chance of getting an outcome of a species similar to Charizard or Dragonite. For instance, if you breed a female Charizard and make Dragonite, you may get a Charmander.

Can gyarados and Charizard breed?

How to breed a Charizard
Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

Yes, Gyarados and Charizard can breed. It is possible for them to breed because they belong to a similar egg group. Both of them belong to the Dragon egg group.

However, they also belong to other groups, like Gyarados, which belongs to Water 2, and Charizard, which belongs to the Monster egg group, but this will not affect them since they share the first egg group.

Can Charizard and Noibat breed?

😞Unfortunately, Noibat and Charizard cannot breed. They cannot play together, meaning they cannot breed because they belong to different egg groups.

Charizard belongs to the dragon and monster egg groups, while Noibat belongs to the Flying egg group.

How do you get a shiny Charizard in Scarlet and Violet?

How to breed a Charizard
Shiny Charizard in Scarlet and Violet. Image source: Pinterest

You can get a shiny Charizard in Scarlet and Violet using the Masuda method. Here, you require a foreign Ditto—a game with a different language.

The 💯best way is to create a separate profile and catch a particular Pokemon in a different language. You can also breed your trainer with dragon Pokemon.

To increase the chances of making the shiny Charizard, you can add the shiny charm, raising the chances from one out of 683 to one out of 512.

Another way is using the regular Ditto to breed. However, this presents the slightest chance of getting a shiny Charizard, one out of 4096.

Another option is to breed a regular ditto with a shiny charm. However, with this, there are also small chances of getting a shiny Charizard, one out of 2048.

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