How to get Charizard mega energy (what is the easiest way to get Charizard mega energy?)

Charizard is, without a doubt, the most stylish game I ever played as a sprat. I particularly enjoyed playing Charizard Pokémon Ex, where I could burn the opponent’s lead with the cunning horsepower of a Darkness-type Pokémon. 😂

Still, this is just the composition you need to stock If you’ve ever wondered how to get Charizard Mega Power. So, follow this article to the end to learn the easiest way to get Charizard mega energy.

How to get Charizard mega energy

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What’s the easiest way to get Charizard Mega Energy?

It’s possible to get Charizard mega energy from different events in the game, similar to field exploration and taking a walk with your chum.

The easiest way to gain Charizard mega energy still remains to be through raids. To gain further mega energy, conducting raids and defeating a mega-evolved Pokémon in battle is the stylish way to go 🔥.

What are the chances of getting a Mega Charizard?

How to get Charizard mega energy
Mega Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

The chance of getting a Mega Charizard Ex is roughly 1 out of 6 packs. It thus means that you’ll have to get roughly 48 packs in order to increase the chance of pulling out the card you’re interested in, keeping in mind that each pack holds 8 Ex’s .

How do you get mega energy from PokeStop?

Getting mega energy from PokeStop is a rare circumstance, and this means that you have to visit PokeStop regularly to increase your chances of getting mega energy then.

You can gain mega energy only by spinning PokeStop, which contains mega energy as a price. To get the mega energy, you need to identify a box that will appear as you spin the PokeStop.

This resource can be achieved important faster through spinning gymnasiums, which give mega energy as one of their prices 😁.

Can you get Charizard Mega Energy without raids?

Despite raids being the fastest way to get mega energy, you’re also able to carry the resource through walking with your chum Pokémon, specifically if you have mega-evolved a Pokémon in your chum’s Pokémon line of evolutionary. Energy attained can, still, only be used for a linked Pokémon species.

Can you get mega-Charizard energy by walking?

How to get Charizard mega energy
Mega-Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

It’s possible to get Charizard mega-energy when walking with your chum. Still, it’s important to note that in order for you to get this perk, you must have preliminarily mega-evolved a Pokémon in the line of elaboration of your chum.

For case, when a mega Blastoise makes it to your mega Pokedex, you can make Squirtle a chum of yours and gain instant energy while walking together.

How much mega energy does it take to Mega Evolve Charizard?

The quantum of energy needed to mega-evolve Charizard is epitomized below.


Quantum Energy

Steelix200 Steelix Mega Energy
Ampharos200 Ampharos Mega Energy
Aerodactyl200 Aerodactyl Mega Energy
Gyarados300 Gyarados Mega Energy
Gengar 200- gengarmega-energy
Kangaskhan200 Kangaskhan Mega Energy

How to join mega raid battles to gain mega energy

what is the easiest way to get Charizard mega energy?
Mega raid battles. Image source: Pinterest

For you to identify a mega raid, all you need to do is look for a mega icon in the chart view or near the screen. Joining the mega raid is the same as joining any other raid, after which you tap to dominate the mega raid master.

On defeating the mega raid master, you get mega energy as a price. It’s important to note that the quantum of mega energy you get in a raid depends entirely on the quantum of time you take to master the mega raid master.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with Charizard Mega Energy?

The mega energy attained, after reflecting on the Charizard’s summary runner, can only be used to evolve the Charizard.

How does Mega Energy work?

As the rest period for a Pokémon decreases as it continues to evolve, smaller megawatts of energy will be needed to mega-evolve the Pokémon.

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