Is Charizard A Special Attacker? (What Type of Attacker Is Charizard)

Charizard will always be my go-to Pok√©mon when it comes to selecting a fighter. If you have a competitive spirit, like I do,ūüėÖ then you need to know what type of attacker Charizard is to gain the upper hand in the game.

Figuring out whether Charizard is a Special Attacker is my area of expertise.

Together we will explore the type of attacker Charizard is based on its stats. Now let’s dive into some Charizard-based information to figure this out.

Is Charizard a Special Attacker?

Is Charizard a Special Attacker?
Charizard Special Attacker. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard is a Special Attacker. This Pokémon has also gone through evolutions that separated it into different forms, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y.

The Mega Charizard Y is also a Special Attacker. However, Mega Charizard X is a Physical Attacker.

What Type of Attacker Is Charizard?

Charizard is an attacker that varies based on its form. The normal Charizard and Mega Charizard Y are both Special Attackers. They, however, have different move sets.

Due to their different forms, their skills vary according to their physical attributes. ūüí™

Does Charizard Have a Special Attack?

Is Charizard A Special Attacker?
Charizard Special Attack. Image source: Pinterest

The normal Charizard and Mega Charizard Y vary in skill sets. The former specializes in the Wing Attack as a Fast Move to gain momentum against its opponent. While also using Blast Burn and Dragon Claw as Charged Moves to go on the offense against its attacker.

The Mega Charizard Y on the other hand, uses the Drought Move to break through barriers such as walls. This Charizard also uses its Solar Beam Move to battle against Water-type Pokémon. Here are some more recommended moves Charizard can use in a Special Attack:

Move SetDescription
Focus BlastThis is a coverage move that will ensure any attack squarely hits the target.
Fire Blast ūüĒ•An extremely powerful move that also stems from Charizard‚Äôs Pok√©mon type. This move is an effective fire move offense against opponents.
Air SlashThis is also another extremely powerful tool that stems from Charizard’s Pokémon type. It helps to boost Charizard’s speed while flying.
Solar Beam ‚ėÄÔłŹThis move can only be used in two turns, however, it is especially efficient when paired with fire blast.

Is Charizard Better as a Physical Attacker or Special Attacker?

Charizard’s strength lies in its special attacks. This makes the Pokémon better at being a Special Attacker as compared to being a Physical Attacker.

This is because Charizard has a higher special attack stat that gives it a competitive edge against its opponents.

The Special Attack move sets are also powerful tools Charizard possesses. It cannot be compared to the move sets the Physical Attack Charizard has which are not as effective.

Is Charizard A Special Attacker?


Why Is It Better For Charizard To Have Low Attack?

While playing the game, the player may accidentally inflict an attack against their own Pokémon. This happens a lot more often than people think. Having a low attack stat prevents you from incurring damage to your Pokémon.

Having a low attack does not affect your character’s performance in any way while playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you identify Charizard as a Special Attacker?

To determine whether your Charizard possesses Special attack stats, check on the move description. There you will be able to see the different move sets of the Pokémon.

If any of Charizard’s move sets are identified with a purple swirl, then that is a Special Attacker Charizard. A Physical Attacker Charizard is identified with an orange and yellow explosion symbol placed next to its move set.

How does Charizard Special Attack compare to its Physical Attack?

Charizard has an impressive Special Attack stat compared to its Physical attack. The Special Attack stats heavily rely on fire special attacks which is an amazing asset to have.

The Special Attack can also use a special stat known as the dragon pulse which gives Charizard a more competitive edge.

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