Is Charizard Cubone? (Is Charizard the same as Cubone?)

Engaging in online theories about Pokemon usually sparks my interest. So, when theories about Charizard and Cubone gained traction, as a Pokémon enthusiast, I was excited to dive in and figure out facts from misconceptions🤔.

Many fans have argued that Cubone is a Charmander, specifically a Charizard, wearing a skull. Well, it is time to figure out if there is any truth in these claims, pinpoint the difference between Cubone and Charizard, and find the best choice of the two.

What is the difference between Cubone and Charizard?

Is Charizard Cubone? 
Cubone. Image source: Pinterest

Despite the theories that try to link these two Pokémon, it is impossible to ignore the differences in their appearance and origin story.

Charizard is a fire Pokémon and the final form of a Charmander. It has three forms: Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, and Gigantamax Charizard.

Its most distinctive feature is the tip of its tail, which burns with a flame that can turn blue if it is irritated. It also has wings with bluish undersides and can fly to an altitude of 4600 feet.

Charizards live in herds with Charmanders in mountains and valleys.

On the other hand, Cubone likes to keep to itself, and I find it to be the Pokémon with the best origin story. Its most distinctive feature is its mother’s skull, which it wears on its head. It likes to weep at night as a way to mourn the death of its mother.

Apart from the skull, it carries around a bone, which it uses to defend itself against Mandibuzz. On the full moon, its howl is sadder because it recognizes its mother then😢.

Its cries make it stronger, and it is said that once it gets over the death of its mothers, it will evolve into a Marowak. Upon its evolution, its skull and the skull of its mother merge into a new shell.

In terms of appearance, Cubone is reptilian and has dinosaur-like features, but its actual face has never been seen because of its skull helmet.





Ground-type Pokémon

Fire/Flying Pokémon


Starts evolving into a Marowak at level 28

It is the final form of a Charmander that evolves from a chameleon at level 36


Is dinosaur-like

Is draconic


Brown with a cream underside

Orange with a cream underside

Distinctive feature

Skull helmet

Flaming tail

Should you choose Cubone or Charizard?


There are many considerations when choosing between these Pokémon, but it mainly depends on your preference. Charizard is stronger and more popular than Cubone. It can fly and swim, and its tail will keep flaming even underwater. It also has blazing breath, which melts glaciers and boulders and is known to accidentally set forests on fire.

Charizard is undoubtedly one of the most iconic Pokémon. It appears prominently in the Pokémon anime, video games, and manga.

Cubone has unique characteristics and adorable vulnerability that appeal to many Pokémon fans, myself included😂. It might not match Charizard’s strength or popularity, but it is equally worth the choice.

Which is rarer between Cubone and Charizard?

Is Charizard Cubone? 
Cubone and Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

With Pokémon, it is hard to tell which is rarer than the other, especially since fans identify with each Pokémon differently🫤.

Since Charizard is generally more popular, Cubone can be considered rare. However, this is solely based on commonality.

There is no official data that either is rarer than the other.

The theory that Charizard is Cubone is exciting, as is any other conspiracy theory. However, they couldn’t be more different.

They are not only two different types of Pokémon, but it is also hard to spot a similarity other than the fact that they are both reptiles.

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