How to get a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet (how to catch Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet)

I remember how excited 🤩 I was when I got a Charizard for the first time, knowing how hard it was to find. The Charizard isn’t found in normal gameplay. Thus, to be able to find it, I had to get it through a special event in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

I had to complete a black crystal tera raid battle, which was an extremely difficult task. However, the Charizard can also be obtained through a trade with your friend who caught the monster.

Now let’s dive 🏊 into how to get a Charizard as well as more related information.

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Does Charizard return in Pokemon Scarlet?

How to get a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet 
Charizard Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard is returning to Pokemon Scarlet as the Special Tera Raid boss. Those who were not able to get the Flame Pokemon that was in Generation 1 will have another opportunity to catch and defeat the beast.

The in-game model of the Charizard entails a fire- or flying-type monster 👹 with dragon-type moves flying above the ground, and its orange scales will look a bit muted.

The Charizard will have the mightiest 💪🏼 mark, which symbolizes that the Pokemon was caught in a 7-star Tera Raid Battle.

The Unrivaled Charizard will probably focus on the following:

  • Moves: Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, and Hurricane
  • Belly Drum
  • Flare Blitz
  • Star Level: 7
  • Acrobatics
  • Additional Moves: Inferno, Tera Blast, Sunny Day, and Overheat
  • Aqua Jet
  • Mark: The Mightiest Mark
  • Ability: Solar Power
  • Catchable: Players can catch the Tera Raid boss only once.
  • Tera Type: Dragon
  • Ice Spinner
  • Level: Lv.100

What is the code for Charizard in Scarlet?

The code for Charizard in Scarlet is DARKTERA0006. The following are some of the things you will have to do to get this code:

  • First, you will have to ensure that the version you have for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is up-to-date.
  • Afterwards, go to your main menu.
  • From here, click on ‘Poke Portal.’
  • Click on the mystery gift section on the menu and finally select ‘Redeem Code.’

How many Charizards can you catch in Pokemon Scarlet?

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If you were lucky enough to catch a Charizard in the first part of the event, you would not be lucky enough to catch him the second time. This is because players only have the opportunity to obtain one of the special Charizards per saved file.

How do you unlock Charizard raids in Scarlet?

First, you need to know that you will have to have defeated the main story. This means that you have beaten all the gems as well as the tournament that takes place afterward. Now, to unlock Charizard raids in Scarlet, you will be required to:

  • Get connected to the Internet. Open the menu in-game and press L.
  • From here, open the Poke Portal in the main menu, then press ‘+’ to view the news.
  • Then, you should unlock the 6-star raids by going through a couple of steps, which entail completing the post-credits Academy Ace Tournament, winning fifteen five-star Tera Raid Battles, and defeating the gyms in the Victory Road Quest.
  • After you’re done, you can now see the black crystals where the Charizard lives in your game.
  • In case you have yet to complete the above steps, you still have the chance to participate in the raids by using a link code or by joining the battles online.

Can you get Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet for free?

how to catch Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet
Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Players can obtain their Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet for free through a mystery gift. To get your Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet for free, you will be required to go through the following steps:

  • First, you will be required to launch your game.
  • From here, go to the X menu and access the Poke Portal.
  • Select ‘Mystery Gift’
  • Select ‘Get with Code or Password’ so that you can get connected to the internet.
  • To redeem, enter the code DARKTERA0006.
  • After you’re done, a level fifty Dark-Tera Type Charizard will be added to your player’s box or party.
  • From there, you will be required to confirm that the Dark-Tera-Type Charizard is either in your Pokemon boxes or in your party.
  • Finally, you can now save your game.


Which are the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift Codes?

Some of the gift codes include:

Gift CodeReward (s)Expiry Date
GETGOLDGolden Bottle CapJune 4th, 2023
LUVELUP10x Rare CandyOctober 2nd, 2023
TEAMSTARRevavroomOctober 31st, 2024
L1KEAFLUTECetitanAugust 31st, 2024
SWEET0RSP1CY1x Spicy Herba Mystica or 1x Sweet Herba MysticaSeptember 30th, 2024
CATCHBYBALL5x Luxury Ball, 5x Nest Ball, 5x Quick Ball, and 5x Dusk BallOctober 2nd, 2023

Is a Charizard in Pokemon Scarlet good?

Charizard is a good inclusion to any team despite it being several generations old.

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