Is Charizard Stronger Than Mewtwo? (Can Charizard beat Mewtwo?)

Mewtwo is considered to be a legend in the Pokémon world💪. All the hype surrounding it is justified considering this Pokémon was created with the sole purpose of being a fighter that destroys its opponent. A Pokémon as powerful as this one will definitely have fans questioning which opponents it can take on.

Charizard immediately popped up in my head as an opponent I would like to see in a battle with Mewtwo. As we all know, Charizard is quite unique with the stats and moves it possesses.

Let’s dive in and find out which Pokémon to bet on between Charizard and Mewtwo.

Is Charizard Stronger Than Mewtwo?

Despite being a powerful starter Pokémon, Charizard’s strength cannot compare to Mewtwo. Mewtwo has stats that are quite impressive when compared to Charizard which proves Mewtwo is the stronger Pokémon between the two.

Is Charizard Stronger Than Mewtwo? 


The stats below show a clear comparison of the strengths of both Pokémon:




Hit Points


Special Attack

Special Defense

Base Stats

















From here, we get to see Mewtwo is stronger than Charizard because of the higher stats this fighter Pokémon has especially on its Speed and Special Attack. 😎

Even though the two Pokémon have two Megas, Mewtwo also leaves Charizard in the dust with its impressive moveset. Some of the moves Mewtwo can use to show how strong it is are its Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, and Aura Sphere.

Can Charizard Beat Mewtwo in a Battle?

Is Charizard Stronger Than Mewtwo? 
Can Charizard Beat Mewtwo in a Battle? Image source: Pokemon

Given how strong Mewtwo is, Charizard would be defeated if there was ever a battle between the two.

Even though Charizard is bound to face defeat against Mewtwo in a fight, there is still one fighting card you can use to make sure Charizard beats Mewtwo in battle.

You can apply the Gigantamax factor on Charizard to even the playing field. This option will make Charizard bigger than it is.

It will make the Pokémon have a giant-like appearance while resembling a fiery dragon with flaming wings, and special markings on its belly and limbs to show that it is a Gigantamax Charizard. 🤯

This upgraded form of Charizard can use the moves G-Max Wildfire, Max Airstream, and Max Wyrmwind in its battle against Mewtwo. The G-Max Wildfire move is a sure bet for Charizard to defeat Mewtwo in a fight.

Can Mega Charizard Beat Mewtwo?

Can Charizard beat Mewtwo?
Mega Charizard vs Mewtwo. Image source: Pinterest

An evolved Charizard in any form can be able to emerge victorious in a battle against Mewtwo. If the Pokémon evolves into Mega Charizard X then the player can use the move Dragon Dance to inflict damage to Mewtwo.

The final blow the Mega Charizard X can use to defeat this powerful Pokémon would be the Flare Blitz. This final move, however, comes with a price😟. The Mega Charizard X can use it to defeat Mewtwo but this move will also mean destruction for the evolved Charizard.

Mega Charizard X can battle against Mewtwo because it has an Attack stat of 130 which is slightly higher compared to its counterpart.

 Can Charizard beat Mewtwo?


Mega Charizard Y can also defeat Mewtwo. The Mega Charizard Y is different from its counterpart since it can face off against Mewtwo and still come out alive. Even though Mewtwo has been proven to be faster than any form of Charizard, Mega Charizard Y has the upper hand when it comes to its Overheat move.

This evolved Charizard may have a lower base stat of 634 when compared to Mewtwo but it compensates that with a higher special attack stat of 159 when compared to its opponent.

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