Is Charizard a legendary Pokémon? (why do people think Charizard is legendary?)

Growing up in the 90’s was nothing but fun especially if you started playing Pokémon. One of my favorite Pokémon characters, which I learned was the same for most of my friends, was Charizard.

For me, being a Charizard enthusiast meant that I had to thoroughly understand every fact about it. One common question that I have answered countless times is, “Is Charizard a legendary Pokémon?”.

Although it might seem obvious, the question has raised countless heated 🤬arguments, which is why I will discuss the reasons behind the belief that Charizard is legendary and what defines legendary Pokémon.

Let’s dive in and address the issues once and for all.

Why do people believe that Charizard is a legendary Pokémon?

Is Charizard a legendary Pokémon?  
Legendary Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest


Charizard is among the few to experience mega evolutions, that is, X and Y. Evolving from Charmander and continuing its evolution to its final form is a characteristic many associate with legendary Pokémon such as Mewtwo.

Its evolution to a powerful form makes people think that it is a legendary Pokémon.

The appearance and power

Is Charizard a legendary Pokémon? 


Charizard has the appearance of a dragon. It has huge wings and hence can fly to 4600 feet. Its body appears majestic and powerful. It is powerful and does not challenge or fight against weaker opponents.

Besides its immense strength, it spits flames of fire🔥, which can melt any material. As it spits the powerful blue flames, its body turns black, making it seem even more powerful and menacing.

Additionally, it has large, sharp, and powerful claws. The claws and its ability to pack a punch make it formidable during fierce fights and help it attain legendary-level battle performances.

Media featuring

The Charizard Pokémon has been prominently featured in media. In most animated series, the Charizard Pokémon is displayed to be powerful and often appears in battles that are critical and against powerful 💪opponents. For instance, in the Pokémon animated series, Charizard appears to be one of Ash’s most reliable champions. In most of the battles, his iconic moves, strength, and resilience are displayed. Most Pokémon fans associate such strengths with legendary characters, which leads them to think that Charizard is legendary.

Similarity to legendary Pokémon

Charizard has several characteristics that are only found in legendary Pokemon. The table below shows the legendary Pokémon and the features which they share with Charizard.

Legendary PokémonSimilar Features of Charizard
RayquazaBoth possess dragon-like 🐲 appearance and magnificent designs.
MoltresThey have equal stats, which may seem to indicate that Charizard has the same level of power associated with legendary Pokémon.
ReshiramCharizard shares fire-type moves, resembling the potent abilities of legendary creatures.

Is Charizard considered a mythical Pokémon?

Although Charizard is highly overrated, most Pokémon fans do not consider it to be a mythical Pokémon . The reason is that mythical Pokémon are very rare and are event-exclusive.

Such Pokémon only appear through special means such as an Elite Raid Battle, EX Raid Battle, and Special Research.

Mythical Pokémon also have unique characteristics which rarely appear in any other Pokémon character.

For instance, they require a hundred candies and a hundred thousand Stardust to perform the second Charge Attack.

Some that are transferable always give an extra warning whenever the trainer tries to transfer them. Also, they cannot take part in the Premier Cup in the Go Battle league.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes legendary Pokémon from regular Pokémon?

Several factors distinguish a Legendary Pokémon from a regular one, and the most common include powerful stats, rarity, unique designs, and roles played in mythology and the Pokémon world.

Can Charizard be obtained through special events like legendary Pokémon?

No. Although highly sought after, Charizard is obtained as a regular character. Trainers obtain it as Charmander, and it eventually evolves into Charizard.

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